Sex and Mind Control

I’m sure you’re like “OMG… what is he talking about now” but I promise you it won’t be something crazy. Kinda But it’s the first day of Scorpio and we all know what scorpios are about hehehe. PLUS, I’m in a reflective state of mind right now and I have began realizing what kind of things make me tick as a man. There was a time as  a kid when I was ready to go when the wind blew (if you get my drift) but now I realize that it when it comes to sexuality I’m more of a oven than I am a microwave. I am sure there are those in the gay community that are into microwave sex however, there comes the time when you realize that the better quality food is cooked slow.

Wait are we talking about food or sex? I hope I haven’t lost you in the metaphor. Growing up my attempts to identify my sexuality has been best described as bisexual (which has it’s ups and downs in both the hetero and homo sexual communities) but, if I get down to the nitty gritty what best describes me is sapiosexual. I am the type that will feel genuine attraction to someone who stimulates my mind regardless of gender. (think of the student who falls for their university professor..yeah I’m that type)  I think back at people who I felt no sexual attraction to no matter what they did, or how they looked and I realized there was one missing element. They were all about my body but weren’t connecting to me on some mental level.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my share of one night stands with out really knowing someone’s full name but in the same, there was some initial mental connection, some unspoken inside joke that was noticed, some mental discussion about attraction or perhaps they touched on the emotional dynamic slightly.

As I get older I realize there are three dynamics in what I want from another that distinctly affect the other dynamics substantially:

  • Emotional: intimacy, romance, imagination, freedom to be
  • Physical: Sexual prowness, desire and uninhibited
  • Mental stimulation: communication on some level and inspirational awareness

Doesn’t seem to much to ask, I guess where people differ is which dynamic is given priority. What do you think of my list? Did I miss anything? What would you give more weight?

2 thoughts on “Sex and Mind Control

  1. LMFAO (ouch! Pause…I need to go retrieve it)! 🙂 Now…I’m back and feeling whole again! LOL! When I first saw your graphic, I smiled and thought to myself: WTF is he going to address now? After reading your post (twice), I understand the image. Awesome job, my blogging buddy! As to your list, if it works for you, go forth and bake in your oven. Be YOU and do YOU (as long as it’s consensual). The same three work for me although I find all of them equal and would have difficulty placing one ahead of the others. But that’s just me. Much love and naked hugs, man! 😉


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