Sunday Snippet 2: Sons of Heaven


It was a couple of days after Christmas and I was waiting for Haadiyah back at my apartment in the Dallas. Antonio stayed with Dad and I promised I would check in periodically to let them know I was okay. Fortunately, Haadiyah told me that her team of demon hunters congregated somewhere in city limits. I was both excited and nervous. My experience with demons was minimal at the least but yet in still I had experience of what they were capable of. I packed a few clothes into my backpack. I would stay at their headquarters for as long as I needed to learn everything they had to teach me. Haadiyah was a normal human in every way and she appeared fearless when talking about demon hunting. The training that Valerie taught her must have been profound. I figured that Valerie had filled the void of her mother and because of that, Haadiyah felt a responsibility to try to save her.

There was a knock at my door. I looked at the time on my cellphone. “Hmm, early.”

I opened the door and Jason smiled back at me. “ You didn’t think I just let you go at this alone did you?” Jason wasn’t quite as human. He was the alter-ego of my own personal guardian angel, Shariel. Of course Shariel couldn’t just around in full angel glory, freaking people out so he assumed a Clark Kent-like persona as Jason Juarez.

“Hey Jason, so are you here to babysit me,” I sarcastically commented. Jason walked in and patted my shoulder.

“I’ve been babysitting you longer than you realize, Homie.”

“Well, if you’re watching me how can you keep an eye on Antonio? We are twins.”

“I’m attached to both of you, If either one of you are in trouble I can sense it. I would feel more comfortable tagging along with you though, since you don’t have the privilege of having supernatural strength like Antonio.” He had a point.

“Well, I don’t want them asking too many questions about you following me around. Can’t you assume another form that’s not so–I dunno, obvious?” I asked Jason. Jason eyes moved from side to side in thought.

“Perhaps something smaller.” Jason stretched his arms out and the pupils of his eyes began to glow white. Energy emitted around and through his body until I could no longer see the details in his face. I shielded my eyes but continued to try to witness this transformation. There was nothing but a sphere of light before me. It shrunk down slower and slower until it was almost small enough to fit in my hand. As the light dissipated, a shape of something emitted from the light. I squinted to make out the shape. The cutest hamster scampered to my feet. .

“Is this decent?” Jason, the hamster squeaked. It seemed that I could translate whatever he squeaked out into actual english.

I took his little furry body into my hands and giggled, “Yeah this is perfect. I’ll just put you in my jacket pocket.”

“Okay, just don’t crush me!” I gently guided the furry little angelic hamster into the inside pocket of my jacket. The door knocked again.

“That has to be Haadiyah,” I said outloud. I opened the the door and my younger sister peered up at me.

“You packed?” She marched in and looked around. I traveled light mostly. I grabbed my backpack and duffel bag from behind the door. She nodded in approval. She grabbed my duffel and proceeded to put it in the trunk of the black shiny SUV she arrived in.

“Nice, do you guys make money from demon hunting,” I wondered. She side-eyed me while she secured the back door of the SUV.

“Some people donate for our services, but we keep funded a number of ways.” She left it at that. There was more to this group than she wanted to tell but that was okay. I knew if there was something to know, that I could discover it. We drove about thirty minutes through the city to what looked like an abandoned warehouse area on the far south side of the city . It was a sketchy area and it was well into the evening so that didn’t make me feel any better. She parked next to a warehouse by an abandoned railroad track. “We’re here. Follow me,” Haadiyah said.

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