Life could be better. ..


Bank overage fees are the devil… that’s all I can say. Trying to schedule a car payment and it posted earlier that when my direct deposit cleared…great, didn’t  catch  before getting charged for buying  lunch the other day. So now ol Tre has to budget little  to nothing. My car note and rent are way too close. …ain’t nobody got time for that! I must get ahead of the game. GUESS I’LL BE UBERING it out again this weekend. I’ve been through worse and with less money I keep telling myself. Try not to get frustrated and enjoy the small victories. People …throw me some positive vibes….I need it.

One thought on “Life could be better. ..

  1. Hey man, at least you had a paycheck on its way to the bank! There are those who have bills due and NO check in sight! Much love and naked hugs, my friend! 🙂


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