How do you Value …Yourself?


With valentine’s coming up I think about what it means to value self and how we as people do that. When you’re single it is imperative to know this before attempting a relationship with another. But how do you define your own self worth?  Is it the amount of money you have? The job you have? Your friends? Your religious affiliation?  Your social group? Sex? As you see. …most of these involve other people either directly or indirectly.  What is your self value after all that is stripped away? There’s no reason to be down on a day dedicated to love if you love yourself.  Embrace what that means, because when you do. …it won’t be difficult expressing that with another when the time comes.

One thought on “How do you Value …Yourself?

  1. Awesome post, my blogging buddy! Perfect timing! So true and unfortunately, so necessary. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we love someone else? Much love and naked hugs, man! Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU! 🙂


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