Zodiac Signs of Disney Princesses

I thought I do a carefree blog today. Okay, I like Disney movies, don’t judge me! But I also like astrology so I’m gonna try to take a guess at what each disney princesses sign is.

So lets start with


Ariel strikes me as an AQUARIUS. Aquarians are often associated with water but are actually air signs and that was exactly her issue. She lived in the water and wanted to be in the air. Ariel also was obsessed with knowing more and she had to figure things out. Aquarians will give their all when they are in love, and Ariel was not only willing to give up her voice but when it came down to fighting Ursela, her own life… that’s a pretty determined girl!


Cinderella is VIRGO to the letter. Virgos are clean freaks. Do you think she got that job by accident? Nah, her step sisters saw how good a job she did at making things right and they just let her clean up EVERYTHING. Virgos have to watch out for that. She also not only wanted love but she went for PRINCE CHARMING, she went for the best. When her dressed got messed up though, she cancelled everything and gave up. She didn’t try fixing the dress, she threw in the muthafuckin towel. Lol. Perfection was flawed! Alas with a little help from Godmother and some mice (something that has to be given and not too often asked for) This Virgo was brought to her ideal perfection. BUT watch out! Virgos will create a fantasy of perfection that they want others to see but at midnight its back to dealing with reality. Was Cinderella intending on ever telling old Prince the truth? Probably not, luckily he accepted her flaws and all and that’s the type of person a Virgo needs.

Snow White:

One of the fatal flaws to be a PISCES is being too gullible. I mean really. Snow was always in some other world singing to birds, daydreaming, and hanging out with 7 weird guys in the woods. Did she care that she was royalty? Nope. And when the Queen tried to kill her with a poison apple, she took the bait, hook, line and sinker without question of why this creepy old lady is trying to feed her. Snow white (the original Disney story not the rebooted versions) is very very passive. But in the end, she still wins the man and the kingdom…somehow…even though she was sleep.  Did I mention Pisces enjoy sleeping a lot? It’s very typical for a Pisces to succeed at things in a passive way. If it’s meant to be…it will be.


Rapunzel has a lot of energy but one thing I can say she was focused. She had one idea and she was like, that’s what I want. “I want to see the lights” That’s why I’m gonna call her a SAGITTARIUS. Sags are very positive, get along with most people, and usually have focused minds. Like the archer shooting a target they focus and shoot. You can’t coop a Sag in, they have to go out and live life and as you can see, she was at the bar singing with thugs and hoodlums and no one cared! Rapunzel spoke the truth and expected the same from others which is why she was so shocked that Flynn and her “mother” had both and some point lied to her. All in all, she got over it. Sag’s don’t hold grudges and she even married Flynn.


Tiana was not interested in partying, or a man, or doing anything other than getting her own business. Can we say HELLO CAPRICORN? Caps are bit of workaholics and sometimes it takes outside influences to break them away from the practical world into the magical fantasy. Matter of fact, once a Capricorn allows their self to indulge in juuuust a little fantasy they might just come full circle and get not only what they wanted…but what they needed.


She was expected to be a girl and get married but what Mulan really wanted to do was fight in the military. She chopped her hair and threw on some armor because you just don’t tell an ARIES what to do. Aries is the sign of leadership, war, and action. Mulan was fearless and proved that she could do anything the fellas could do (if not better)


When Aladdin first tried to impress her he thought it would be about money and riches. But LEOS already have money and riches plus they don’t like people upstaging them. She was not impressed. She didn’t enjoy being told that she had to marry under a deadline either. What eventually won her heart was Aladdin’s ability to add a sense of adventure to her life. If you can help a Leo get out and see a “Whole new World” they will fall in love with you. Did I forget to mention out of all the Princesses, Jasmine was quite confident in how sexy she was. So Leo. You better werq b!tch.


Belle is a little difficult to pinpoint. Her nose is always stuck in a book, she’s an introvert. She non-judgmental, she’s gentle, she’s a teacher. She’s always trying to help. I’m gonna call her ehhhhhhh LIBRA. Libra is an air sign. Air is about freedom and she expressed at the beginning of the movie that a “provincial life” was not enough. Gaston was all about appearance but Librans are romantic at heart and love a good conversation and that’s what she had with the Beast. Near the end of the movie, she found herself trying to be the diplomat of peace between the townspeople and the Beast which is also very Libra.


Running with all the colors of the wind and never keeping still. You know what else is harder to control other than the wind? GEMINIS. Gemini is an air sign as well and big on communication. The white man arrived and BAM she was communicating and learning a new language. A dual nature came from her ability to be a part of the tribe and to exist in John Smith’s world as well. But if you want this girl, you better be able to run in the wind with her because she is not going to slow down….ever.

I don’t have all day to go down every character and yes I know I left out Elsa..but isn’t she technically a Disney QUEEN? Hmm… why don’t you guys tell me. What sign do you think Elsa is? She’s  the girl who doesn’t want to feel, does the job, and may have a tendency to isolate to protect herself. All in all her sister was the most important in her life. Lol I already have an idea but I’ll keep it to myself. Comment your answer…

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