Why Do Some Have an Issue with Caitlyn Jenner

I stand between two worlds, the one I grew up in and the adult world that I engage in on mfBuvF4the daily. For me they are quite different because as I grew up and learned new things, it brought different types of people in my life. I became an adult of my own making not some idea that my parents wanted but an adult no less. You will either use your life to make others happy or figure out what makes you happy and go after it. I realize that some people’s adult environment is the exact same world they grew up in. They socialize with the same people they grew up with and rarely see anything different from themselves unless it’s on television. It’s easy to “disconnect” because television is fantasy right? The people on TV are not as human as you and me… they are just characters seeking attention and money… right? All people act like the characters you see on TV right? Are the people outside of ourselves just for our entertainment?

rs_300x300-150601094920-600-3bruce-jenner-caitlyn-vanity-fairWhen things like Caitlyn Jenner’s gender transition happen you get mixed responses. Some people are uncomfortable and don’t understand so they make immature jokes. Some people get angry that this person gets so much attention and they don’t understand why. Some people celebrate with that person because they are celebrating their life …finally. While the newfound “Caitlyn Jenner” may not be the first transperson to come out and may be well past the “prime” years to make any difference; she is still a public figure that exists on a platform that gets much attention. Here we have a person who admitted to the world that they were living for everyone else, that they were being controlled by everyone else, that they did things because society said this is “what you’re supposed to do” and now… at an age where most people wouldn’t think about changing but rather just settling on in, this person decided to make a change in themselves albeit physical to us but truly it was a mental change. This mental change was to stop lying to everyone and to be true to the only person you have to face in the mirror every morning.

But why all the attention? People watch public figures no matter if they are doing bad or doing good. They lose a certain amount of privacy being who they are and that’s sad. If Screen-Shot-2014-05-13-at-2.55.59-PMyou get a fender bender, gain weight, or get in an argument with an ex it won’t make the news… now let it be Halle Berry, Beyonce, or Justin Beiber  then that’s all on the tabloids. So we watch these people, some of us hate them for their success. Some of us celebrate them for their success. But remember they are people, they go through the same struggles except for the fact that they are more conscious about public perception (which may or may not be based off fact). But at the end of the day they are human.

This is what everyone can take from Caitlyn Jenner’s journey whether you religiously disagree or have some other qualms about it (I won’t go into the difference of homosexuality and being transgender… research it yourself). You can spend your life not understanding people different than you and just writing it off as “weird” and “gross” or you can empathize with people different than you and realize; maybe you’re not that different after all.

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