My thoughts on Janet’s new Single: “No Sleep” #review

so I’m sitting here listening to Janet’s latest new song “Sleep” “No Sleep” , granted I’m excited that a WIN_20150622_140508legend is putting music out again. There’s a lot of crap out there disguising it self as music. When I first listen to this, it has a nice groove to it that reminds me of “Til it’s gone.” Ya know.. that neo soul sound that used to be real popular on the radio. This one is definitely not for the top 40 radio stations like KISS FM. It’s a grown and sexy groove, not something I can see her putting some bad ass choreography to and doesn’t make me look forward to see a music video. But it’s chill, it most likely will hit the R&B stations. Deep down I wanted a dance song, with contemporaries like Madonna putting out dance tunes for the club I hope Janet competes with something just as sic. But Janet is seductive with her music and this one is something you could play to “get in the mood” persay… lawd knows I’ve had a couple of pinches and tickles listening to Janet and this is one song that’ll probably get something going if you’re alone in the room with your partner, laying on bed, smiling at each other teasingly like two “virgins” . She’s got that thunderstorm under the track, yeah…. we know what people do when it starts raining… (get it wet Janet, get it wet) Any how, that’s my two cents…

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