3 thoughts on “The issue of Donald TRUMP #trumprally

  1. Initially, I was just going to leave four words based on the title alone –Insane in the membrane.

    Then I watched the video in its entirety. The first thought, are you drunk? The second thought, what have you been drinking? And then you took a drink.

    The equally serious third thought, “having just plugged into this election cycle a few months ago, “is this occurring in an alternate universe”””. Mostly due to the blatant antics of all involved and coming in at a close second due to a realization my silent thoughts are coming true. In these United States exists a segment of our population lacking basic deductive reasoning skills, which is crippling parts of our American culture, and worst yet they still possess the right to vote.

    To your point, while I believe Trump is as divisive as you state, his divisiveness is not a tactic in-and-of-itself, but a spotlight on a deeper issue. America has always been controlled by the powerful, because the masses lack judgement when voting people in and out of office.


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