I’m Stripping

stripping away layers  of walls

walls that keep you from knowing me… getting close.

because while I think I know what getting close is. I just keep getting close to this wall.

and its cold brick

on my face…

hearing the muffled sounds on the other side , are you saying my name.

scratch…scratch… claw


chip away at it. But…

I hear nothing on the other side. Only wishes and dreams.

a prison of the mind

a prison of the mind.

A past life, reborn. a karma that must be paid. So I sit and wait for you this time.

Will i be dead by the time you realize? will time be the enemy once again?

The curse of evil Kronos who despises us both , I beg you in the name of aphrodite to wake up…and see


then we can be.

as we were.

and will be.


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