Don’t Allow the Media to Divide You

Our country and communities have been stricken with so much grief lately. Just scrolling through Facebook and Twitter you can tell that people are tired. You can tell that people are waking up. You can tell people want change. People are unfriending and blocking each other left and right. We see the flaw in the human condition; the need to control, the need to dominate, or the need to point blame. Besides, all these problems are caused by anyone else but our self. Right?


I see clever headlines meant to provoke, mostly done as “click bait” which sadly, I understand working in social media. Social media people know that they must get you to see or click on their article. There are two goals

1. to make you feel good about something (ie. puppies or inspirational stories) or

2. to anger you.

If you know “the game” you realize that people are doing their job. But in these times we need to take personal responsibility on what we say and how we are “influencing” those who actually listen to what we have to say.

For those that are social media influencers, who have large followings, subscribers, or friend’s list it’s your job to lead. It’s your job to be cognitive of what you reshare. Make sure that in this tumultuous time that you’re sharing an article from viable sources and not some fake article using click bait to sell advertising. Ask yourself, is what I’m sharing/tweeting promoting fear, hate or love? These may be subjective to some but everyone has a personal responsibility do use their voice in the right way and ignore those who strive to do the opposite. Your likes, or dislikes, comments (be it negative) boost the attention of posts. When you know how the machine works, you can use it to your favor.


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