Mandela Effect: What Happens to the other…”me”

So I’ve made a few videos on this topic and this topic and recurrent question comes up regarding the Mandela effect or this “quantum shifting”. This is in regards to meshing with parallel realities and suddenly realizing that the current world you live isn’t quite the same as you remember. Many people are waking up to the reality of this “shifting” lately despite the efforts of trollish “gatekeepers” to keep the status quo.

So people often ask “what happens to the other me? Do I replace them?”

Not really. In a quantum reality there are many probably “yous” and you are all of them. It also depends on what explanation for the Mandela Effect you make think is causing it. For example, for the quantum immortality theory (you’re dying and repeating life). You are living through all possibilities one at a time and some point you make mistakes or die (shit happens) . So you’re living sort of a Ground Hog’s day starting at a zero point and repeating.  There’s also the thought that you’re living our all possibilities simultaneously and your higher consciousness is aware of all of them but your lower conscious can only focus on one.

People tap into their higher consciousness in a number of ways and thus tune into the reality of their choosing versus haphazardly falling into whatever is given to them. With quantum shifting and parallel realities joining together you’re meshing with the a probably you that’s closest to who you are now. If something were to change in your personal reality you would not notice as it’s actually your life. There are a few stories of people who do notice and as you can tell it makes them feel quite insane (being single one moment and then next married). Usually, it’s other people who remember differences in us but people rarely discuss memories on personal levels. However, you may have differences in memories with family members who are closer and more likely to reminisce. I have noticed that sometimes I have facebook friends I have NEVER met and who I don’t recall ever adding….which could be one those instances but who knows.

All in all this universe is quite amazing and it’s not as simple as we perceive. Check out this video from Cynthia Sue Larson.

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