Myspace Blog 2/15/2005

ah past memories of my bisexuality. (i told y’all I had girls too) She was a good woman, she knew about me and was still cool… I fucked that shit up. I was still very virginal then but we did mess around a little. Not as much as she probably would have liked.. I was such a tease back then…

Post-Valentine Report

Subject Post-Valentine Report
DateCreated 1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
PostedDate 2/15/2005 8:29:00 AM
Body OKay ladies and Gentlemen…thanks for all those who gave me advice on what i should do…some of your ideas were quite weird indeed like spreading a trail of cookie crumbs to my bed and creating a jello mold of my girl’s face….those had to be the weirdest ideas…lol. You guys are coo-coo on Myspace that is for sure…but this is how my date played out last nightI skipped work early and got on my friends computer and made her a CD mix of love songs with little interludes between a couple songs with my voice telling how much she meant to me using the recording equipment on the computer and then burned it all to a CD, make a CD cover using our picture and made look like it was a real CD package….put it a nice box filled with Candy….

That afternoon i picked her up , Girl was hot!!! I mean had her God parents not been playing paperazzi when we were standing at the door I would have sopped her up with a biscuit!!! But I managed to control myself and we went to an early dinner at a resteraunt called Cheddars (don’t know if that’s nationwide or not)

After eating a large meal with a small crowd which was soo cool cause it was still about 6pm and people were just getting off work , we went to my place had a lil wine and “talked” about sutff. lol.

We couldn’t “talk” long because I took her to the movies and I didn’t wanna be late. We went to see Hitch (which i recommended to everyone) Funny movie, But i don’t think she’s the movie type of girl…(I think she’s a lil A-D-D) because she attempted to carry on a conversation through the whole movie about random things that made her think of other stuff but really didn’t relate to the movie like “who looks like that person” or “I like that outfit” or how “she hates the way the person in the next row laughs” —well I’m not the type who likes talkin during movies so i just ignored her when she did that and gave her “the eye”. the eye is my secret power that I have—you have to see it for yourself

After that I took her to a nice reggae neo soul nightclub that i frequent, said hi to old friends…but I could tell her mind was on other things (her car which broke down) She’s a virgo, and virgos worry alot and nit-pick on everything. Can you say perfectionist? Yes…thats what she is…but thats not really a bad thing. I tried to help her relax and forget. We did the usual “couple chat” …”why do you love me …yada yada yada” it was going deeper than i really wanted for a first valentine…so i went to dance, besides we hadn’t danced and everytime I asked her she made an excuse. Far be for me to stop living…i got on the dancefloor alone, and I swear every girl that was single was eyeing me down like a prime steak….that alone brought her to dance floor to ward off the wolves…lol.

But I was drunk and losing rhythm so I kept the dancing to a minimum and decided to drive her home…her family was expecting her back and she had to drive to oklahoma ….

My synopsis of the evening, I had fun, but there’s still lacking that emotional connection I really desire with a woman….I know she’s capable of it, she lost herself in my eyes when we met…but now I meet the real her, the person she is from day to day…which isn’t bad, but at times can be mmmm whats the word? Just simple too consumed in worldly affairs to just relax … i think she wants to, but letting go is a scary thing especially with someone like myself, but I never do anythign too outlandish. Alas its challenging…and we all like challenges. I am a free spirit…In my mind I fly when I party…i think its interesting how anyone can be literally like carrying everything that bothers them in mental backpack.


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