Myspace blog 3/31/2005

ANother episode of Montre
Why the fuck! did I break up with Angela???! LMAO


Subject ANother episode of Montre
DateCreated 1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
PostedDate 3/31/2005 12:17:00 PM
Body been a long time since my last blog…been really busy I guess. My life has been a super ying yang thing. One week everything goes wrong…bank account tripper in the negative no money…car goes on the blink and then (as if God forgot me for a sec and then realized what was going on) things got better. Angela gave me 400 bucks just because…My best friend gave me money to get my car fixed. I actually got offered another job in radio, and my account mysteriously balances itself out of the negative….hmmm scary.Angela and I are on haitus…told her I couldnt deal with long distance relationships…she continues to profess her love

Megan, and asian sweety of mine has caught my eye but she’s as hard to keep up with as I am to her

My “other” persuits in love and lust I keep to myself. Mostly my episodes of being drunk and thinking I really like someone…*sigh* My affections confuse me enough…no need to add extraneous people.

the book well…i just got my summer itenirary and Im gonna be busy…plus got my website up and my bookmarks just came in…so now i can pass those out. can’t wait. April 19th is just around the corner.


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