Don’t Predict the Future. Make the Future

If anything, this post is preaching to myself. When you do tarot, astrology, numerology, etc, all too often we can get caught up in the “what ifs” . You feel the energy, you see the possibilities, but always remember nothing happens until it happens. Even a meteorologist has a chance of being wrong. When it comes to the future, you can only see the “chances” of something happening. Use that to make the best decisions or to avoid a situation all together. We create our reality by understanding the energetic “Weather” and preparing for it.

Good or Bad, it’s all Good

How’s that saying go? The man who says he can or can’t they are both right.

The whole fact that you want to be conscious of what is to be, makes any information usable and beneficial. One thing I’m learning is to let go. Let go of trying to control everything and just enjoy the ride of life. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey and everything can’t be all rosey all the time. If life is story we’re writing then know that there’s gotta be something to keep it interesting. Without the struggles, how do we transform into something better?

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