Daily Tarot Dec 23, 2019

Happy Monday everyone, we go into this universal 11 day. Man! It’s a great day to manifest something and connect with others. But this little card right here đŸ™„ …


The 8 of swords is all about being stuck in our own head. What are some limiting thoughts that we tell ourselves that keeps us from manifesting the things we desire? The 8 of swords is about creating a self made prison. She is blind to the truth. It’s an emotional place (even though the swords are about thoughts). Fortunately, it’s a prison only you can release yourself from.

Today I suggest, connecting with others who bring your spirit up. Or if someone offers to socialize say yes. No excuses. With an universal day 11 you don’t want to just be alone. Be with people of a like-mind. For personal readings, book now on my page.

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