Joe Biden Election Astrology Prediction

Here’s a very good astrologer I follow. This is a little scary but not the first time I’ve heard this

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

On November 3 Election day in the U.S.JOE BIDEN’s CHANCES breakdown.

I am being impartial in my prediction. This is based purely on transits to Joe Biden’s natal charts and upcoming eclipses. I use Tropical Astrology and my intuition I am also a psychic. I have predicted many correct political wins since 2004 in Canada and in the U.S. which have been published in Newspapers, on the Web, TV and in my blog. I predicted both Obama wins, Justin Trudeau’s first win a year in advance when that was totally unforeseen. I also predicted Covid-19 as I saw 2020 as a very dark year of death, restrictions and very hard times from a mass virus from planets Jupiter and Neptune in 2019.

The transiting SCORPIO SUN is conjunct to Joe’s MARS in Scorpio right on the cusp of his 12th House. This brings power and drive and…

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