An easy way to Contact your Ancestors

If you’re a spiritual person, sometimes you need advice because you’re simply just stuck. We hear a lot of people talk about the ancestors this or that but how do you truly know what the ancestors want you to do? I will show you a simple way using only four pennies

This is similar to the African tradition of using cowry shells for divination but cowry shells can sometimes be hard to find. Besides, pennies are practically everywhere.

Why pennies?

Copper pennies are great conductor of energy and energy can’t be created or destroyed so your ancestors’ energy is always ever present in and around you. But don’t just go casting pennies to see what judgment they have! Everybody has been touching those pennies and no telling who’s energy is on them. So first, you want to consecrate your pennies and only use those pennies for your communication. Make sure you put them in a special place like your altar or space dedicated to your ancestors.

How to consecrate your pennies

The best way to consecrate your pennies is to use florida water. It’s multi-purpose and most people use them for spiritual practices and cleansing. You can usually find florida water at most stores but if you’re in area that doesn’t carry it, you can order some online here .

If you’re the DIY type of person you can make a nice mixture of lemon juice and water but I just love the smell of florida water. There’s something about it.

Protect Yourself

This is very important. Make sure you ask your guardian angels to cast a circle of light around you and protect your energy. You can draw a physical circle as well, to symbolize this. But meditate and visualize the circle around you. This will keep wandering spirits from getting in the way. The times I’ve forgotten this my energy gets so drained! So be sure to do this.

Open the crossroad

If you want a little help getting the message across call to Papa Legba or Ellegua to assist. You’ll want to offer him a cigar smoke offering or some candy to get his attention. Light your prayer candle and call to him

Legba Legba hear my prayer, open the way, open the gate

If your candle goes out, he’s not listening. Try again or try a different offering. Use your intuition to see what may be wrong and start over. I found a great blog on Papa Legba here. If you’re not into Orisha, call whatever messenger angel or deity you’re familiar with (like the angel Gabriel)

Calling the ancestors

I typically call on my male lineage but you can call your maternal line if you like. There’s no distinct rule. Call them by name in order from father, grandfather, great grandfather, etc. If you don’t know the name of your ancestors, say this

I call to my ancestors both known and unknown to bring me guidance

Each penny will be dedicated to one ancestor. Have a dedicated mat or cast a circle to put the pennies in. The rest is pretty easy. Tell your ancestors what you need assistance in knowing. Form your question as a yes or no then cast the pennies. Heads means yes, and tails means no. Your ancestors won’t always agree so read the pennies like such…

  • 1 yes 3 no =Most likely no but still a chance
  • 2 yes 2 no = You have to decide the outcome on your own
  • 3 yes 1 no = Yes but be careful
  • 4 yes = Most definitely
  • 4 no = A very loud No! lol

Keep in mind the ancestors have their own energy and their advice is simply that… advice. You’re still in control of your life and no matter what you have free choice. They are giving their opinion on what’s best for you as their progeny. But remember it’s an opinion. Also, asking the same question repeatedly can upset them. This is little different from a yes or no Tarot which pulls from the universal energy and looks down potential timelines. If you want know more about that leave me a comment.

Thank the ancestors

No one likes an ungrateful person, so remember when you are done to thank the ancestors for their advice and release them. Then thank Papa Legba and release him and ask him to close the gate. Thank your guardian angels for their protection and you’re pretty much done.

Thank you for reading and if you would like a reading be sure to book it today. I would love to hear from you!

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