Change is Coming Quickly, Uranus moves direct!

So we have Mercury the planet of communication retrograde and Venus retrograde as well. As a collective we’re all rethinking things and ideas that we once had. We’re seeing a lot of this regarding the information, misinformation, the news media and so forth. The world is taking a lot information regarding COVID and backtracking. The latest is defining people dying WITH COVID versus FROM COVID. A definite backtrack I related to Mercury retrograde.

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Venus is retrograde in Capricorn. She rules relationships and the boundaries we set for ourselves but Capricorn is also about government. Our relationship with the government comes into question. Where does the fine line of people and government fall? Are we ruled by them or do they rule over us? All in all Venus will question all relationships, even those with our parents, friends, lovers to establish what the rules actually are.

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Then good old Uranus the planet of quick change and innovation is moving direct in Taurus. He’s been there awhile . Uranus rules Aquarius (where Mercury is) , Venus rules Taurus (where Uranus is chilling) , Saturn (Aquarius old Ruler) rules Capricorn when Venus is. There’s a planetary exchange of energy here. Taurus is about our security, what makes us feel safe, our self worth and Uranus wants to make some changes quick to that. I see it like a earthquake, shaking things up and moving people around so hold tight. It may manifest physically like something like that I’ve heard of a few Volcano erupting in the news. Taurus is an earth sign.

Either way, we’re going to see a lot change starting this week regarding how we think about things and our relationships with ourselves and others. If you can flow with these changes you’ll be okay. If you don’t like change, you’ll have issues.

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