Getting ready for this Neptune Jupiter Conjunction

So I’m sure if you’re into astrology then you’ve already heard about this conjunction. Anytime big planets join their energy it’s like “wonder twin power activate!”

Ive been wondering how this transit is going to affect my life. I’m a Pisces after all but it’s happening in 4th house of home and family. I already work from home and love it but what more can Jupiter and Neptune do for my sense of “security” ….buy an alarm system? Lol

Since Neptune has been in this sector I’ve started doing Oranum psychic line from home, so maybe there’s more I can do there. Life has been ups and down but I’m optimistic things will get better. My day job is ok but I wish I got paid more especially in this economy. (Why couldn’t this happen in my 2nd house 😭)

Anywho… I’ll keep y’all posted if anything changes 😜

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