It’s that Beautiful retrograde

As we prepare for the Mercury retrograde in Gemini, I take into account how this is all going to affect me. It’s all about the mind , and the mind is a big part of how we manifest things. At this time, I realized this wasn’t going to be a time for new ideas but rather old ideas that have been sitting on the back burner too long.

I was thinking of all the unfinished projects I let sit on my computer. The old painting I said I would finish, the routines I said I would implement into my life. It’s kind of funny that we start this retrograde season with the moon in Virgo too. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Of course, this energy will move people differently but this is just where my thoughts went.

Personally, I’ve already been moved to restudy my decks. Go back over symbols and relearn them. I’m writing down and documenting my spiritual practices (like I used to) . My intention is to be better at what I already know how to do and actually finish these “old ideas” . Whatever you put your mind to focus on , I send you good energy. Asé

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