Your Self Talk Manifest

I’ve been working with the 40 Servant oracle deck (a great deck mind you) to focus on what the Universe wants me to work on. I pulled a card and place it on my headboard while I sleep.

This particular card is the media. It involves communication we receive. The propaganda we have in our head, is it true? Is the information false? Think about the things you repeat in your mind constantly. Is there a false truth floating in your mind that you parrot unconsciously ? For example , when someone asks you for money and you don’t want to give it (even though you have some) what’s your response?

Do you say “I don’t have any money” or “I’m broke” well …that’s mental propaganda. It’s a half truth. Guess what… You’re manifesting negative situations in your life by those words. The universe will test you. Change your communication

Say “I pray you find what you are looking for.” So you don’t manifest a negative situation to avoid a person… in a negative situation. 😜

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