The struggles of an Empath

There are empathy and empathetic people. Two different things. I’m an empath. I feel others feelings like they’re my own. Sometimes I don’t even know the difference. I will have these feelings and not even know why. It is usually because they are the feelings of someone around me.

As an empath, I enjoy my alone time so I can sort out my own thoughts and feelings. Sometimes you don’t realize you need it. You don’t realize you need time to think and not feel but it’s necessary. It’s like dusting your home. You don’t know where all that dust came from but somehow it just settles from outside and sticks to everything. This alone time allows you to move things around in mind, and clear the dust in your mind.

The gift/curse of the empath is to just know/feel when someone around you is off as well. When this happens, don’t react in a knee-“jerk” reaction. You rearrange your thoughts and see. You step away for a moment and see the bigger picture. Some people ask for help, and some people just deal with life’s problems on their own. We all have coping mechanisms.

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