Metaphysical Advice

#tarot #cardoftheday three of swords reversed.  Dammit stop reminiscing over past heart aches! Lol I know it's hard June 04, 2015 at 0729AM

I have youtube videos about paranormal and metaphysical phenomenon. Sound interesting? Then check out my youtube videos.

Other than that, I love giving advice to people based on the energy around us. I use numerology, astrology, tarot and other things. I study a lot of African spirituality (the Orisha) . All these things help guide me in my life and I believe it can help those who don’t know so much about it. It’s all about CREATING YOUR REALITY Click here for more

Remember, If you don’t do it…who will?

13 thoughts on “Metaphysical Advice

  1. Wow, I just read some of your fun facts…we have a common interests. I just wanted to make you aware of this tidbit of information.

    Delano La’Mont Bester, Wardrobe Stylist/Costumer

    PS~ Hey, I am planning on going downtown this THursday for Art Walk. This will be my first time attendnig as I was just made aware of it yesterday. If you will be free an in the DT area, we should try and connect.


  2. I appreciate both your honesty and your uniqueness! Thanks for being you! Much love and naked hugs, my blogging buddy! 🙂


  3. I noticed your amazing Gay Nudist Logo and wondered if you had a larger, finer Pixilated image, as increased is looses a lot of its quality, and yet is a fantastic find. So as such if you manage to come accross a much higher image of it, I’d love to have a copy for my own Both, Gay, Nudist and or both in any way shape colourings and so on, as I am just one such a lifestyer as depicted by its simplistic but trueism represented so very well.

    Otherwise a great find and for me a very proud one.

    Cheers to you, stay well, live well and I pray a better future for each and every one of us…

    Aj 🇦🇺 🦘 (pardon my pun) from down under Northern Central Victoria – Australia… 🥂


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