I’m Stripping

stripping away layers  of walls

walls that keep you from knowing me… getting close.

because while I think I know what getting close is. I just keep getting close to this wall.

and its cold brick

on my face…

hearing the muffled sounds on the other side , are you saying my name.

scratch…scratch… claw


chip away at it. But…

I hear nothing on the other side. Only wishes and dreams.

a prison of the mind

a prison of the mind.

A past life, reborn. a karma that must be paid. So I sit and wait for you this time.

Will i be dead by the time you realize? will time be the enemy once again?

The curse of evil Kronos who despises us both , I beg you in the name of aphrodite to wake up…and see


then we can be.

as we were.

and will be.


Perception #poem


Nothing is real in this world

Yet everything is real.

Memories forgotten, changed like a twinkling of an eye

I sit in contemplation wondering what to focus on

my glasses are dirty I need a wipe the rose color off them so I can get a clear view of what’s the deal how I feel …deeply. But does it matter?

63 cents left. Does it matter?

Right brain or left? Does it matter?

Sippin’ on water wishing it was vodka, drowning in the silence of my own company

No likes, no shares, no follows… disconnecting my self from the matrix. Seeing the illusion of Neptune… a lucid dream.

Now I am in control.


©2016 Montré Bible