Magic Mushrooms May Cure Depression – YouTube

Why is it that we demonize so many natural substances that can actually help and have helped humanity for years… our artificial medicines probably do more harm because people become dependent and the body ceases to function normally. Send me a comment on what you think about this video

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Are you a 90’s kid?

I graduated in 1996. I remember a lot of this. I think a major issue of mine was trying to record music on a tape off the radio and not get the commercials lol. I actually remember a teacher saying that we couldn’t use the internet to use in book reports because it was unreliable for information lol. ohhh the 90s…

Love and Compromise, where is the balance?

“I want someone to share me.. with me  ” what do you think about this? There is some slight truth to what she says yet what happens when you have two people who are in love with themselves? Is that the compromise… I will love you will you love me? I will share my love for me with you? What happens when you get someone who doesn’t love themselves as much? So many questions.