Is the Ice Bucket Challenge a Baptism Ritual?

I keep hearing about this on the internet …and while it may seem outlandish at first, I will still take time to entertain these ideas because symbolism is a big thing in this world. Even with religion, symbolism is important. The problem is many people do things ignorantly without full understanding. I would typically not have any issue either way with this ice bucket challenge, but I have also not been interested in participating. It seems that the world (yes with the internet the world, I just some some Kenyans participating) is engulfed with throwing ice water on their heads. In a nutshell I will tell you what I’ve heard so far if you haven’t been hearing.

First look at the big picture, we have chaos literally everywhere at one time; War in Ukraine, African Ebola, rampant police brutality and protests in America, and a “new” terrorist group named after an all too familiar Egyptian goddess. Then suddenly, all these celebs decide to post videos of them participating in an ice bucket challenge. I have no qualms about ALS yet I wonder why wouldn’t they do this for Ebola, HIV, or something slightly more rampant to society (ALS affects mostly white men) . America starts these self baptisms right after the media posts about the “fire challenge” (a act of completely insane individuals) . So here we have first the fire and now the ice. Those involved in the occult say this is an actual ritual and it must be willfully done and it must be ice water (32 degrees…one degree from 33) 32 degrees signifies freezing water and the point of change.

BUT MONTRE… the celebs are doing it and even President G.W.Bush did it

Well remember, saying you’re putting ice water on you and actually having ice water (32 degrees) on you is two different things. I believe that some that are promoting this aren’t doing it completely. (and some may knowingly understand they are doing a ritual) President Bush didn’t willfully do it but had it done to him against his will by his wife. President Obama has also decided not to do it and other government officials or ordered not to participate.  Recently, (but has kept slightly under the radar) the co-founder of the the Ice bucket challenge craze died (drowned in a separate incident) . My question is…IF it is a ritual and it is to one of the ancient anunnaki..which one? (Isis keeps popping up though and she is the eastern star, Venus who emerges from the water)  The age of Aquarius is symbolized with pouring and we also have the biblical scripture  ACTS 2:17 …water is continuously compared to the spirit.  Baptism is a way of pledging allegiance to something, rebirthing anew. Could Isis (Ishtar, Venus) be collecting people from Marduk (Mars, god of War, Amen Ra) for another great war?

. Now if any of this bother’s you, then your conscious will is way more powerful than any ritual…simply denounce it.  Remain a free spirit my friends. I found this Christian chick who is makes pretty good videos…check out her take on this… so far she has given the most in depth information and the dots she’s connecting…


in unrelated news I had a dream there were these labyrinth of tunnels in the earth that led to this heart of nucleus of the planet and was being guarded by this being…  #random just wanted to share that

Check out the film ETHOS ! #freeyourmind

Hi guys! It’s movie night again… I got a deep one called Ethos. It was recommended I watch it sooooo I’m gonna share with you guys as well. Now Woody Harrelson narrates it (Hunger Games, Cheers, Zombieland) and it’s supposed to go DEEP into what makes our government tick. So get some popcorn and chill out for the next hour… should be pretty good 

Where Cain Found his Wife…

I wanted to start sharing with you guys some mythological stuff I’ve read and some dots I’ve connected when it comes to the new age, the Illuminati, religion, and aliens. If that’s not your thing well… move on to the next blog. Most of this is based off of mythology and I’m just going to put my theory out there. It may change how you view religion as a whole.  Take it with a grain of salt. I think there’s a lot of information out there and I’m only putting my thoughts on what I think.

Now, with that being said… I want to discuss the Anunnaki. These are the gods in Sumerian myths that supposedly created mankind. Sumerian literature predates Hebrew so it’s safe to say many of the biblical accounts allude from these myths (the creation, the flood, so on and so forth)


There were three main anunnaki that had a hand in the creation of mankind. The gods Enlil (a.k.a Yahweh), Ninmah, and Enki (a.k,a Adonai) . They were three main gods in the sumerian stories responsible for forming man from the the primate creatures already here.  This coincides with what the Bible states, “Let us make man in our image” Gen 1:26 . You will take notice that the gods created mankind at once. They created them, as in more than one man… “And let them have dominion ” then later on formed Adam.. (who was not the first man, but a special prototype) The Elohim were the Anunnaki (anunnagi) in other cultures. They weren’t so much gods as they were otherworldly, intelligent beings. I’m not here to convince you that intelligent life exists other than humans… smart enough to genetically splice their dna with primates to create a worker race when humans have come close to doing the same thing when it comes to gene manipulation and cloning. 

The only reference to clay comes because Ninmah (the goddess) used clay jars to mix the primate eggs with anunnaki dna to create humans. So we see where evolution meets the Bible. But I digress. The Bible states that they create men..then goes back to rehash the creation of Adam. The Sumerians make a distinction as well between the creation of humankind, then the creation of  the adamu (present day man’s ancestor) Perhaps this why we have so many different bone records of different types of people (cro-magnon , neaderthals, etc. ) because they were experimenting and attempting to manufacture the perfect man.

Now the Sumerians give a distinct account of the creation of mankind.. to the creation of the adamu.

Sumerian Tablet

Young Men in Traditional African Dress

“The Birth Of (Adamu and TiAmat).First Generation Earth humans.——–The Anunnaki toiled the Gold mines for 80 shars, over 300,000 years before creating worker helpers in thier image and thier likeness. ——— Ningishzidda ( Enki’s son ) engineers Anunnaki male human essence (DNA )with the oval egg of Homoerectus female in a vessel made from the clay of the Earth (like test tube baby) and inserts it into the womb of Ninmah(Ninharsag). Ninmah gives birth to Adamu. Same thing but for a girl, Enki inserts it into Damkina (Enki’s spouse,Alalu’s Daughter). Damkina gives birth to Tiamat. ADAMU & TIAMAT the models created in the Anunnaki’s image.”

Early humans were hybrids so couldn’t procreate… so they were once again were genetically manipulated to have sexual desire (the forbidden fruit) by Enki against the wishes of Enlil.

…In now knowing procreation Adamu and Tiamat cover themselves with loin cloths. No longer naked, Enlil walking in the Edin sees this and exiles them out of the Edin to the Abzu with Enki. Enki’s plan to bring forth Civilized Man to Farm and Shepard. 2nd Generation Earth Humans. Enki Fathered ADAPA and TiTi (Adam and Eve) from two beautiful girls.


Adam and Eve (Adapa and Titi) were the product of Enki procreating with humans doubling the amount of anunnaki DNA in the human genome, thus racial differences begin to develop. The Bible’s attempt to recant that story and even edit it to make it sound like one account but makes a horrible mistake in contradicting itself (inerrant my ass) :


The Bible recants the creation of man in Genesis a second time as follows: GENESIS 2:4

4This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made earth and heaven. 5Now no shrub of the field was yet in the earth, and no plant of the field had yet sprouted, for the LORD God had not sent rain upon the earth, and there was no man to cultivate the ground.…

6But a mist used to rise from the earth and water the whole surface of the ground. 7Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

Now wait a minute!!!

but Genesis 1:12 says The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. This waaaaaay before man had even come into the picture yet. Chapter 2 says man was created THEN there was vegetation.  WHAT HAPPENED TO THE VEGETATION IN CHAPTER 1? Was everything destroyed? Control alt delete? Pretend you didn’t read chapter one? This is because the Bible is repeating an older story that every knew (the sumerian account) then it attempts to give the “hebrew version” in Chapter 2.

But hey… that’s neither here or there.

My point, according to the Sumerians Adam and Eve (or Adapa and Titi) who later went on to have the twins (Ka-in and Abael) were a special bloodline of humans because they were related to Enki (an elder anunnaki). There was no original sin. There was only them knowing what sex was and be able to procreate autonomously.

Sumerian Tablet
Adapa and Titi had Twin boys Ka-in and Abael. Ka-in farmed and Abael was a Shepard. The grain and ewe sheep were brought from Nibiru. Ka-in and Abael show thier grains and ewe Sheep in a gathering of The Anunnaki. Enki gives cheer for the new ewe Sheep for meat on Earth. Later Ka-in and Abael had a fist fight. Ka-in picked up a stone and repetedly hit him. when he saw the blood gushing he called out Abael my brother! but it was too late. Ka-in stayed next to his brother crying. Titi in a dream premonition saw Abael’s blood in the hand of Ka-in and awakened Adapa and went to their sons.

When Ka-in is exiled in the Sumerian story he is able to find a wife in another area because it has already been documented that other people were created before them (although somewhat more primitive) . Which is why Ka-in was afraid he would get killed by them. The Bible fails to explain that there were other humans and not only that, it leaves believers to believe that the biblical Adam and Eve’s children had to engage in incest with their direct sisters to continue mankind. If people were more open to read the mythologies of other cultures perhaps we could see the larger picture of our beginnings.

The Bible is just showing the same stories from one point of view….Israel, and how they came to be. It show’s how Enlil (Yahweh) chose a select group of people to rule over because his reign as “head anunnaki” was coming to a close. But because the Bible doesn’t use direct names a lot people don’t realize later… another god took over the children of Israel. More on that later.

for more on bible/sumerian parallels click here :

Find your soul mate and the one destined for you! Click here

Turn off the TV and WATCH this

I know… you have to see the latest “Love and Hip Hop” or “Real Housewife” … all these faux-reality shows …trying to shape our reality. 

I invite you to enlighten your mind. Here’s a little something to get you thinking. You don’t have to accept it…just think about it. I love information about things that are typically uncommon to the mainstream. You will see more blogs about this. I will begin sharing my two cents about this stuff. Merely my theory of the state of the world. 

Anywho…on to the movie. Go get some popcorn. 


Almost Done with New Novel

snoopyOkay so I’m almost done with putting the finishing touches on the third novel.
I have a friend proofreading it right now (thanks Connie) but I think you guys will like it. I had to divide it up into two parts because it was soooo freakin long so, I will release the fourth book not too soon after. (So that’s a good thing)

I will be self publishing so I’ll put up links here on this site

and other places I frequent as to how to get the new book. You want a hint what its going to be about? Sure you do…
Okay, so tell me what you know about jinnis and how they relate to angels?

Dating and the Recession

I know we’re in the midst of the recession but even though there’s no money to be burning on a whim, for those of us that are still single we have to have a social life. I mean REALLY. You can’t expect me to spend ALL my time job hunting and watching soap operas.

But yet then comes that crazy question…If I do date, where do I go without spending all the money? I’m glad you asked. I happen to be the GURU of being cheap frugal.

So here’s a few points to remember for those dating or going out on a budget:
1. Buy your liquor at home not at the bar:
It’s far cheaper to drink at home and “stash a flask” in pocket and then head to the bar. If you’re dating another frugal minded person they won’t mind this and see you as wise.

2. Screw the movie’s rent those dollar movies from REDBOX:
You know those little red kiosk machines that spit out rentals at the grocery store. Plus a movie at home can be real romantic, because you can cuddle.

3. Take a walk in the park, around a pond, or at the beach:
Dating is about getting know each other, not spending money. Nothing helps two people talk better than strolling. Plus you can always buy cheap snack to eat versus larger dinner foods which are sure to satisfy.

4. CHOOSE small cafes and coffeeshops NOT RESTURANTS:
depending on what city you’re in, cafe’s and coffeeshops have cheaper food than normal resturants but by all means please don’t pick fast food resturants as a first date…that’s just tacky. Cooking meals should be saved for second dates.

5. Date during the week not the weekend :
If you’re the type that likes dancing, you’re far MORE likely to find a free dance club with no cover and cheap cocktails during any day other than friday and saturday. Choose a wednesday, thursday or even sunday evening for a real AFFORDABLE night out on the town for lower club prices.

All in all we love to have fun and whether you dating or you’re looking to save a few dollars until you land that AWESOME job, you have to keep your spirits up in meantime. There’s far more important things than money and hopefully while in the dating process you find someone who is cognitive of that and just wants to have fun too.

My Ass Hurts

My left ass cheek hurts! I’m sorry is that TMI? It’s not really late breaking news is it? Well I sleep in a chair. Yes a chair. Granted, it folds out into a bed-like thing but my body is now SCREAMING for luxury! If this doesn’t motivate me to find a new job and find a new place (not that I don’t love living with 3 guys in a studio apartment) But ya know, I need privacy sometimes.

Speaking about unemployment, that seems to be still a major topic in the news still. On a lighter note here is an awesome website to keep your spirits up. I first caught wind when I read the book, but I’m encouraged to hear this guys story

I mean wow…I can draw! hmm maybe I should come up with something…ehhh I would need software first. I’ll stick to writing for right now

Don’t kiss pigs with Pu$$y lips ,sexy thang. No homo?

My personal is topic mainly about insecure guys but I’m gonna chat about this swine flu and how this woman hires a stripper to go to her class reunion as herself.… wat…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i drew this

New play!

So life is steady speeding up. I got cast for another play called EAVESDROPPER…where i’m like the narrator that is unseen…think of how ZACK Morris on Saved by the Bell used to talk to the audience…lol. I know old reference.

Been feeling under the weather so i’m getting check ups and shit. I HATE medicines and i’m doing my best to avoid shots and vaccines ewww….if possible. I don’t trust them.

Still editting my third book. I think it will go over pretty well once i’m done…that’s the hope at least.

Montré: the writer

living life duh…sometimes ya don’t have time to blog. Besides I usually video blog and the computer is acting crrrrrrazy when it comes to uploads. But alas…I miss the therapy that blog provides (nothing like venting your business to strangers)
Plus I don’t think the guy in the grocery line cares too much.
But quick updates. Still looking for a job like the rest of America, but I have began to focus on writing. I have a personal goal get this third book editted SOON! I have had so many readers writing me about Heaven BOUND which only goes to tell me, it’s being sold somewhere.

TRUST ME ..I’m working as fast as I can!!!! Self publishing is a bitch.