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computercrazeHey, Let me know what you think! Wanna ask me about my books? Maybe a new Youtube topic? The microphone is open!!! 

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15 thoughts on “Contact Me!

  1. Montre? tell some reasons why you think people these days dont believe in god and their families?

    Does America have a strong work ethic & devotion for god and their families??????


  2. So from what I gather, you live in your moms basement and you’re this writer/wannabe anti-theologian type with all these views that sound like you smoked meth before you wrote them. Dude, you are a joke! Get a real job. LOL


    1. I don’t smoke meth dude or anything else. Yes I’m a writer. Unemployed too…got laid off in the recession. Im not a theologian, just an average dude who is on a spiritual journey and I share my insights. If it helps others great…if it doesn’t welp…life moves on. I hoping to find a job so thanks for the encouragement and thanks for sharing your input good or bad.

      _____________________________________________________________________________ NEW NOVEL:Heaven Sent: The Ring of Death is now available at


    2. So vicious this person. The internet emboldens them to spew hatefulness while they sit anonymously on their keypads typing away. All they’re doing is revealing the disempowerment they feel in making their lives something interesting.


  3. im actually breathless reading your works of art! i always have enjoyed a good page turner, especially when it intrigues the intellect. the Brand New Woman book club was established precisely for active discussions of this type of material. keep up the great work!


    1. Thank you so much Kei…Tell your book club I said HEY! _____________________________________________________________________________ NEW NOVEL:Heaven Sent: The Ring of Death is now available at


  4. Hello guys,

    My name is Oliver and I am from Stirling in the United Kingdom. I have the other day discovered this forum and I like it very much.
    I am a little bit shy so I wont write much about myself but maybe when I will get more confortable, you guys will get to know me better!
    My main hobbies are playing chess and watching movies. I also love outdoor activites but the temperature has been bad for the last days or so here in Stirling.

    I was wondering if anyone else here is from the UK too?

    I am happy to have joined this forum!
    Have a nice day!

    PS: Sorry if this was posted in the wrong section. I could not find the right one!


  5. I accidently stumbled on to your first book at a sale. Thought I’d give it a read, I and my daughter have read all books since then and love them. Will you be by chance putting then on ebook? I’m looking forward to getting the next one, when it be out?
    Even though it is fictional, it is very inspirational and somewhat on point to a degree. I just hope many of your readers understand it is spiritual w/drama added. Love the series , but please don’t get too far off.


  6. Montré Bible, your book is captivating from page one to last. I too about five hours to go through. It’s an amazing piece.

    This book is deep spiritual concepts hidden in drama but understood by those, who, like Andrew’s father, could discern minds even without having the bloodline of angels… Hahahaha


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