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So I decided to re-release book 2 and 3 of the Heaven Sent Series into a special edition called Heaven’s Ghost. Honestly, the books were formatted back and I really needed to re-edit and rewrite some things to get the story correct. (shit happens) So even if you have read Heaven’s Power, please go out and buy Heaven’s Ghost which is originally how I intended the book to be. Check the trailer below and order it today on Amazon!

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Sons of Heaven, Available NOW!

Sons of Heaven is finished and ready to be presented to the world. I think you guys will like this one because I get really deep into the Anunnaki theory of the gods. Andrew will also meet a new group of friends that are demon hunters. This adventure is leading up to this grand final battle that I have imagined in my head (you know my imagination is wild) .

Ready to buy? You can purchase Sons of Heaven right now on Amazon!

Be sure to check out the trailer to Sons of Heaven below to get an idea of the next adventure you’re going to get into. Leave me comment and let me know your thoughts!

Past books by Montre Bible


My first NOVEL: HEAVEN SENT As the descendant of a fallen half-angel and a human, young Andrew is possessed of supernatural powers that are dangerously beyond his understanding. Then an inevitable dark force rises up to threaten his family…and his soul. As he is forced to confront tragedy and heartache, Andrew, with the help of his long-lost father and twin brother, embarks on a journey of spiritual discovery that will awaken him to the power of God and the glory of using his talents for good instead of evil

Read a Preview HERE

Read the book here


In Heaven Bound, we meet Andrea Turner, the mother of Andrew Turner. After her death, Andrea journals her final words to her son, telling him of her discovery that she is Nephilim (half-human and half-angel). The story goes black to when Andrea meets several college friends who are helping her find her personal spiritual path. When she stumbles on the fact that she has supernatural powers, her reason for being at the college becomes all but coincidental as she learns she devised by a fallen angel and her true father, Dony El. Andrea must decide whether she will use her powers for God, or if she will she give up her very soul to gain the world.

38 thoughts on “My Books

  1. Montre’, if I may call you that, I was absolutely blown away by your novels…I am an avid reader and I am not biased to any particular genre or author but I know a good book when I read one…I liked Heaven Sent, BUT I was absolutely blown away by Heaven Bound. The intracacy and detail kept me captivated the ENTIRE time…I could not put the book down…Also, I was thoroughly impressed by the biblical aspect of Heaven Bound. Not only can you read it for entertainment, but I’m sure that it would loose some strongholds and is life applicable. Mr. Bible, I would love to hear from you. Please email me at There is so much that I would like to discuss with you…
    Marquette Chapman-Harris


    1. Thank you so much! I do appreciate that. I like to get to know how my readers are feeling about what I’m putting out. I’m self publishing my new novel so, stay posted …me and a friend are proof reading it. It should be out by late November. Then the fourth (which is done) should be out sometime next year after I’m done editting it.

      THEN …back to writing something fresh.


  2. Hello Montre,
    I enjoyed reading Heaven Bound. I am now reading Heaven Sent. I am passing the book on to others who I believe by reading it would be blessed and in turn give God the glory. Do you see your works as being something inspired by God, and is truly looking to be the vessel that God can use, or are you just simply one with a creative imagination? In other words, do you love the Lord?
    ‘Cause I do, and its the reason I choose to purchase your writings.
    Respectfully & truthfully yours,



    1. Thank you. Word of mouth is the best advertising. To answer your question, Reborn, I think I’m a little of both-Creative and being used by God for some greater purpose. Of course I love God! But I’m not particularly apart of any religion. I respect all people’s beliefs. My first novels are predominantly focused on Christian beliefs because, 1.well I know alot about that 2. my subject matter is about angels and myy characters have that background 3. I use the biblical reference about nephilim.

      HOWEVER, not to dissapoint anyone but the next novel, I will reference some of what Muslims believe about angels as well. Some of the SAME angels (gabriel and Michael) are in Islamic literature as well.

      My hope is to educate and entertain people about a little more about these particular beings that influence our lives directly or indirectly.

      Thanks for note!

      -Montré Bible


  3. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Montre, you truly have an incredible gift from God! I picked up Heaven Bound last year while visiting family for Christmas and was blown away!!! I have since been on a mad hunt for the rest of the series, which, at first, was unsuccessful. I decided on a whim to search for new info today, and I’m so excited at what I found!! What happened with Urban Chrisitan? I thought for sure I could find the rest of the books there, but I noticed that you are now self-published. Do you have any advice for new writers such as myself regarding the whole book writing/publishing adventure? I was interested in trying to publish with Urban, but I wanted to know how the process turned out from someone who’s been there. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and continue to be obedient to God’s will for your life. You’ll never know just how many people you touch, inspire and bring closer to Christ. Have a BLESSED holiday season!

    Miss P


    1. Well thank you. Urban Christian is actually very good…if you are starting out, you should send them a quer letter and see if they would be interested. My journey, however, is to have a little bit more control…writing is a self-business foremost and you have to decide what type of things are important for YOU to have control over…for me, now…all aspects.

      _____________________________________________________________________________Montr Bible: The Neo-Ressaisance man


  4. Montre, we have chatted on Facebooks and I have told myself that I will have this new book “The Ring of Death” before the new year. I am so happy that God has touched you to write and enable people like me to read your literature and also to learn from it. My book club has discussed this book and have even brought the Bible out to talk about it at later meetings. Those last two were incredible. I can only imagine what this one is going to be like. My father is a big fan of angels and demons and I think I may have encouraged him to read your books. He was amazed that I was reading them because he thought he was the only one in the world who was interested in such things. I am just glad that you teach in these books and I can pass the word to other avid readers and book clubs about your books. Keep on writing, God has His hands on yours.
    Shari Hudson
    Brand New Woman Book Club Founder/President


  5. Hey, When will your book be in the stores? I want to order on line but it wont except my card. And I wanted a signed copy.. Please let me know when so I can run out and get it….


  6. I went to LULU marketplace to buy your new book and the paperback book has listed 476 pages. The hardcover book has listed 216 pages and is 3 dollars cheaper. I prefer hardcover books. Is this book the full edition? That is a 260 page difference. If the hardcover is not the full book please let me know and I will purchase the paperback. Thanks again.


    1. the hardbook is slightly bigger 6×9. So the pages are bigger thus LESS PAGES…but its the whole book. For those that like a smaller book….its slightly more to produce because there are more pages. There’s advantages to both.

      _____________________________________________________________________________NEW NOVEL: Heaven Sent: The Ring of Death is now available at


  7. I really enjoyed Heaven Bound; it kept me reading which for me is a hard task to do. I love reading, but my ADD (self-diagnosed) causes me to get bored quickly with most books these days. I am really surprised to read that you don’t “subscribe” to any one particular religion. Reading your book helped me to affirm my faith and beliefs in Christianity and the power of Jesus Christ. That is true ministry, using your gifts to promote, uplift, and introduce the Kingdom of God. I especially loved the part when Donyel recognizes the power of unified faith and makes the statment, “Where two or more are gathered…he is in the midst.” Awesome words!


    1. I personally believe that Yeshua is very important person in bringing spiritual awareness to not only his community at the time but also the world. I just don’t totally agree with the dogma of the christian church persay. The teachings of Yeshua truly are universal principles and by practicing those you will obtain new found spiritual awareness. HOWEVER, these universal principles are not…whats the word..exclusive to just the christian religion. I’ve studied many things…christianity is just what I knew as a child.

      _____________________________________________________________________________NEW NOVEL: Heaven Sent: The Ring of Death is now available at


      1. Do you believe in Jesus Christ? I love your books, but wonder if interest in many religious studies could lead what I preceive to be a spiritual direction away from God religion. I to believe that there are many names to Jesus based on cultural, and language. I just wonder and am hope that you don’t steer into a different direction. I think your books deal alot with spiritual warfare, things we don’t see in the natural. This I love because I now handle things thinking more about the warfare side of peoples behaviors.


  8. I am in love with Heaven Sent; after I finished reading it, I cried very hard because I was reflecting on my spiritual life. I never knew how much things I took for granted. Don’t ever stop writing please your books is changing my life for the good. I hope I can get an autographed on the third book. LOL but don’t ever stop writing books because it is your way of sending people to Christ.


  9. I loved your first two books and hope to like the 3rd. I appreciated the Christian aspect of the first two but will give the new one a try. I would compare your writing to that of Peretti’s early books (Piercing the Darkness, this Present Darkness). You are a gifted writer. do you plan on publishing ebooks? I found your first novel in Freds Pharmacy but am now into reading Nook books 🙂


  10. Montre i enjoyed your book Heaven Bound. This is the first of your books that i have read but was magnitized by it. I could not put it down. It was just so interesting, knowledge invoking and deep. Yes i agree with you about the Christian dogma. There is so much to read, study, and teach in the Bible but all they seem to concentrate on is a few well known scriptures. I believe this is why they loose so many followers. Your book however is so very extremely enlighting it really required me to think and also research the Bible at the same time. I have heard about the book of Enoc but never took the time to research it; however your book has stirred a knowing in me and i have to read it and find out more. Even though Heaven Bound is listed as Christian Fiction, it is so much more. Keep up the good work. I will be purchasing more of your works. I have evened pass Heaven Bound on to my teen age son to read. Peace be with you!
    P.S. I can’t wait to read Heaven Sent and your other ooks.


  11. Montre, I just finished reading Heaven Sent and ordered Heaven Bound, looking forward to reading it!! Funny thing is I don’t usually read fiction. I read your blogs and replys to letters, I must say I am disapointed to read that you are not exclusively Christian. I have ventured off alternative paths of truth myself, but once connected with the One True God I have to say Jesus is it. As you know from the bible it says He is the Only way. God bless you, I pray you find Jesus again. Theresa Cox


  12. Hey Mr. Bible, how’s it going? Just dropping in to see if we have a release date, and Name for #4 yet. It only takes 3 days to read a book, what takes so long to write them sheesh!! Just kidding. That’s the cost of writing good books, people can’t wait for the next one.


  13. Hi! So I read your first novel, Heaven Sent, some years ago, but I’m just now getting around to complete the other three and I must say… the Heaven Sent series is one of the best I’ve EVER laid eyes on! I was so intrigued by your point of view of spirituality, and I was especially intrigued by your view point of Christianity. You are an excellent writer, and I am definitely a fan of your work. With that being said, will there be any additional stories added to this series? Because I am HOOKED, and I need more lol. I hope to see more of your work in the future!

    Much love.


  14. Okay. So as a teenager, Heaven Sent really, really made me him about my life. I mean, I couldn’t help but feel a strong connector to Andrews character, being a strongly empathetic Person myself. It was just really, really captivating. Like, i couldnt put it down (which may or may not havr gotten me into trouble during class.. *cough cough*) the deep commentary about spirituality and christianity, mixed with the whole supernatural hero thing? Pure gold. Coming from a person who’s also a huge fan of series like harry potter ,and percy jackson and the olympians. Like, it legit made me wanna study theology. And that’s saying a lot, because I don’t like to study anything. I was inspired to become a more devoted Christian and to study the bible more as well. There’s obviously some crazy stuff going on in it, and this book encouraged me to read it from a different point of view, you know? My question is, what was your inspiration for this novel?


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