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Focused on Quality Time

My love language is time. If I don’t get it , there’s gonna be problems. I don’tneed to be around someone 24-7 but yet I don’t like feeling like I’m a last thought.

For those really close to me know I’ve been been “talking” to the same guy for like… 4 years. That’s a long ass time to not have an official relationship. His routine would be to see me around 10pm for a couple of hours and leave. (Writing that down makes it feel worse) but somehow I felt things would change eventually. Newsflash it didn’t .

Can’t break up with someone you really don’t have a relationship with so I just sent a text and let him know I was gonna look for someone to spend my time with. No response. đŸ™„ Just tired of feeling like I’m waiting on someone to make time for me. No one is that busy.

Life isn’t perfect and dating is a chore. But hopefully the universe will align me with someone who’s really serious….and sexy…and a decent job. Damn I’m starting to sound like Carrie Bradshaw…

The struggles of an Empath

There are empathy and empathetic people. Two different things. I’m an empath. I feel others feelings like they’re my own. Sometimes I don’t even know the difference. I will have these feelings and not even know why. It is usually because they are the feelings of someone around me.

As an empath, I enjoy my alone time so I can sort out my own thoughts and feelings. Sometimes you don’t realize you need it. You don’t realize you need time to think and not feel but it’s necessary. It’s like dusting your home. You don’t know where all that dust came from but somehow it just settles from outside and sticks to everything. This alone time allows you to move things around in mind, and clear the dust in your mind.

The gift/curse of the empath is to just know/feel when someone around you is off as well. When this happens, don’t react in a knee-“jerk” reaction. You rearrange your thoughts and see. You step away for a moment and see the bigger picture. Some people ask for help, and some people just deal with life’s problems on their own. We all have coping mechanisms.

Weekly Tarot 5/15- 5/21

The oracle message for the week is the Mountain. Ground your energy this week with a crystal or by going outside and placing your bare feet on the ground. Mars and Neptune are bringing strong emotional and spiritual energy. If you can harness it, you may have an epiphany. Watch my video on Instagram for full details.


Letting Go… but hold on.

The lunar eclipse came and went but we should be still feeling its effects for a while. Eclipses denote closure and endings. Depending on where it falls in your chart is where you can expect to see some type of release in your life.

With my own life, I’m thinking about the things that subconsciously need to release or let go of since it fell in my 12th house. My dreams have been intense and I wonder what things in my life that I may be doing that I’m not aware of. I found this really great website that breaks down the house . Check it out.

Mars and Neptune are doing some crazy stuff this week together. It can be either really emotional or a very spiritual week. Either way every oracle I’m pulling is recommending grounding your energy so we don’t get swept away by it. Think like a VERY strong tide coming in that’s just violent. Hold on to something.

The Shadow of the Soul

I think we all have our shadow self; the parts of our soul that we bury for whatever reason. Everyone has their own coping method for trauma. Some people deal with it openly, some relive it in their adult relationships, and others create a reality where nothing happened at all.

I think it’s important to face that shadow but don’t follow it. When we get in relationships with others, be it romantic or friendship, we have to be aware that others have some type of trauma that is deep that may not be expressed. The closer we get to them the more we may feel it. But what do you do?

You can’t remove a man’s shadow, you can just help a person realize that shadows are merely…shadows. Turn around and focus on the light and your shadow is behind you. Be guided by your shadow to know where the light is but don’t follow it or you’ll walk into darkness.

Your Self Talk Manifest

I’ve been working with the 40 Servant oracle deck (a great deck mind you) to focus on what the Universe wants me to work on. I pulled a card and place it on my headboard while I sleep.

This particular card is the media. It involves communication we receive. The propaganda we have in our head, is it true? Is the information false? Think about the things you repeat in your mind constantly. Is there a false truth floating in your mind that you parrot unconsciously ? For example , when someone asks you for money and you don’t want to give it (even though you have some) what’s your response?

Do you say “I don’t have any money” or “I’m broke” well …that’s mental propaganda. It’s a half truth. Guess what… You’re manifesting negative situations in your life by those words. The universe will test you. Change your communication

Say “I pray you find what you are looking for.” So you don’t manifest a negative situation to avoid a person… in a negative situation. đŸ˜œ

It’s time to grow

Today I’m thinking about all the ways I can grow. Sometimes we want change but we look for outward change. A new job, a new lover, moving to a new location…

But maybe the only change that needs to happen is something internal. A change of the mind. A change of how you do things and not what you’re doing. Jupiter in Aries starting now through the Summer will increase this sense of self and the goals we have.

It’s that Beautiful retrograde

As we prepare for the Mercury retrograde in Gemini, I take into account how this is all going to affect me. It’s all about the mind , and the mind is a big part of how we manifest things. At this time, I realized this wasn’t going to be a time for new ideas but rather old ideas that have been sitting on the back burner too long.

I was thinking of all the unfinished projects I let sit on my computer. The old painting I said I would finish, the routines I said I would implement into my life. It’s kind of funny that we start this retrograde season with the moon in Virgo too. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Of course, this energy will move people differently but this is just where my thoughts went.

Personally, I’ve already been moved to restudy my decks. Go back over symbols and relearn them. I’m writing down and documenting my spiritual practices (like I used to) . My intention is to be better at what I already know how to do and actually finish these “old ideas” . Whatever you put your mind to focus on , I send you good energy. AsĂ©