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Watch OUt for Clouds of Confusion

Neptune is square the Sun until Friday. There’s going to be some deception or illusion that clouds the mind of the collective at least for a second. Mercury is in shadow. I believe any issue that comes up now, any fake new reports that come up now will be investigated by the end of the month. Be careful in your personal life.

Guard Your Mind

I am noticing more and more, that there is this war on the mind. You and only you are responsible for the information you consume. Not the government, not the owners of social media companies. As we move closer and closer to an undetermined future, people we claim to be the “elites” have a plan for how they want to stay in power. If you’re not aware of these plans I highly encourage you to add WEF and World Economic Forum to your algorithm.

These people don’t care about you. They see you as cattle. But remember, you always have a choice. You are responsible for finding the choice. They want to eradicate all forms of spirituality, creativity, and freedom. But you must focus your mind to resonate and align yourself with the timeline and universe you want to live in.

Stay strong.

misUnderstanding the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

The Divine… the One…. God….

…However we define that one connection we have to define doesn’t matter. I had this idea… It was SOOOO inspirational. coming straight from the divine feminine …i try to put it words. Cant rememmber one thing. two part s of my brain. the masculine energy tries to put things in order. byt the creative side is so .. power ful . it makes mistakes and learns. the masculine side tries to makes sense. …slow things. but the feminine goes so fast. its not the best but there are good ideas in the mix .

Dreaming of Time Travel?

Had another weird dream. But this one was hella detailed. So at first it just feels like a normal dream. I’m with my family but their ages are quite different. My mom tells me to look after my brother. I look at him like,

“uh who’s this kid. My brother is way older” I’m confused but I don’t say anything. We’re at church but an older church we used to attend back in the day. My sister tells me she wants to sing in the choir at a different church, and I’m like why?

She tells me because she doesn’t need a license there? For some reason people need a license to sing? She tells me I never needed one and I could just walk up in the choir. I’m still confused.

The choir isn’t organized they are scattered throughout the church and congregation. It looks more like a party than a church.

Something doesn’t sit right and I’m looking at my little brother is very much a child…and immature. (Granted he was always difficult) My mother and I assist him to the bathroom…err carry him. I ask to humor me and tell me what year it is. She giggles and looks confused. But I’m serious. I tell her I remember my brother being older and taller than her.

She seems amazed at this information and tells me it’s the year 661. Now I’m really confused. How can it be 661? What happens at year 666? 😳 . She even shows me the date on her phone as proof.

There’s weird drag queen like men in the bathroom and a guy sitting in the urinal with his dog. I tell her my year is 2022 but I think we calculated time different.

When my brother is done doing his business and we go back into the sanctuary. They are playing an instrumental version of the “Jump off” by lil Kim…who yes is at Church too. That song was released in 2003 so I’m trying to do the math. The crowd is hype but it doesn’t feel like “church” but some weird alternate world where church is a club.

I wake up. Just writing down to remember. Trying to remember my trip to the upside down world. 😳

Key Points to Manifesting

There are a few key points to manifesting that people need to ALWAYS stay conscious of.

  1. Whatever your conscious mind focuses on DAILY will be felt and PROGRAMMED in the subconscious mind.
    1. What are you “bingeing” your mind on consistently?
    2. How do you feel when you hold these thoughts?
    3. The universe is a spiritual algorithm and will send you people, experiences, and/or situations based on those continual thoughts.
  2. Be aware of the unconscious messages we are receiving throughout the day/ night because the subconscious never sleeps.
    1. Never sleep with TV / radio on. If so play music with no lyrics
    2. When you drive with the radio , the ads, and songs are programming your subconscious as your focus is the road.
    3. Be aware of “zoning out” or endless scrolling on social media. Every post and ad is still affecting your subconscious and you’re acting with no intention.
  3. Living with no intentions/ no purpose is just as bad as having ill/ bad intentions. Accidents happen to people who do both.
    1. Children typically have no / to basic intentions making them prone to accidents and mistakes . Which is why responsible adults must protect them with the BEST intentions.
    2. Overdrinking, drugs, blacking out removes the intention of a person and they will do something they don’t intend, become vulnerable to other people’s will or be involved in accidents.
    3. People with bad intentions are attracted to those with no intentions.
  4. Don’t try to manifest specific people romantically.
    1. Manifesting people will make you become prone to whatever their intention is.
    2. If your intention is relationship and theirs is just sex or no intention, you will only get them temporarily.
    3. Manifest commitment, love, security and the right person for you will be attracted.
    4. In order for relationships to work , intentions must be the same or at the very least in alignment.

Saturn Retrograde June 5th

Saturn is about rules, obstacles, hard lessons, karma and responsibility. Aquarius is about our society, the collective and how we relate to each other. Saturn is an ancient ruler to Aquarius so , unlike Capricorn, it expresses itself as “new rules” or innovating society in some way. Of course we’ve seen that in spades this past couple of years. When retrograde, think of Saturn as taking an audit of what’s happened and if it’s working. Saturn will be doing this all Summer all the way until October.

Personally you have to see where Saturn falls in your birth chart to know how it will affect you. It’s in my 3rd house of mind and social life, also where my moon is . Lately, i’ve been auditing how I feel about things and people. Then I got this for a spread on myself on how Saturn will affect my life.

if this doesnt show how tired of bullshit I am … I don’t know what does. This next few months will be a time for me to love myself (ace of cups reversed )and stop putting thoughts on things and people that don’t matter (10 of swords) .

If you need a reading about this Saturn transit for you… let me know. Book it today

No Distractions

This Mercury retrograde season has not been nice to me. My TV broke down and I thought I’d get it repaired for cheap but nope it’s a dud. They just don’t make TVs like they used to. Sure … the old ones were heavy dinosaurs that were practically like furniture but this new ones are like all the new adults in society… just fragile.

All in all, its help me stay focused on the task at hand. When you’re not distracting yourself with TV, you start realizing how much time is in the day. Sure , you could look at the computer or your phone but it’s not the same as lounging on the couch, with some snacks, binging Stranger Things (which i haven’t been able to watch yet so please no spoilers)

I went ahead and bought another TV despite it being retrograde season. I bought it refurbished so maybe that counts for me working with the energy. Rule of thumb during retrograde do anything that starts with “RE”… which was why I tried to REpair it first. I hope you guys are having a better Mercury Rx season than me. lol