Conversation and Gay Dating Apps


When you’re single and working (or not working for some) there’s not many options to meet someone on a whim…especially in the gay community. I guess my frustration lies in so many people’s inability to hold a conversation.  Questions like “what’s good” are so general they can be answered in a number of ways (ice cream on peach cobbler is really good! But that really throws guys off) . I guess people want to cut to the chase and simply talk about sex (and maybe that works for some… who are hideously gorgeous)  but that’s simply not the case for everyone.  I know… a lot of guys are just looking for sex, and they say that on their profile. I have said other wise… repeatedly.

Don’t get me wrong I love talking about sex, but if that’s all we have in common, I’m probably not going to take my time and energy to meet. Sex is what all humans have in common. Well… maybe not asexual people… that’s another topic.  With so many guys talking with the same damn style...  I feel like I’m talking to the same guy with different photos. lol . It’s laughable. I’m not asking for a sermon on the meaning of life but, I would like to know if the wheels in that noggin are spinning and whether they spin on the same pace as mine.

So yeah, conversation.. is it a deal breaker for me?  HELL YEAH.

What are deal breakers for you? (you see what I did there… I’m initiating a conversation…take notes)