Wow this Documentary blew my mind #nwo

This a real long one of course so I posted it here. Take it parts… take a break… and come back. It’s a lot of new world order compilations and how our country and our country leaders are involved. Lots of interviews that are hard to dispute including first hand accounts from guys in the military. Some of the stuff is heartbreaking. I’ve seen a lot of things online but yeah… all I can say is wow.

Where do you go from here?

My hunt for real Black history

So this past weekend I saw 12 years a Slave and I got into a discussion how most of my African American friends are simply tired of slave movies. We know about slavery, how many movies do we need to remind us… I get it. How many movies do we have about Jewish people getting thrown into furnaces? Jews remember the pain, they don’t want a lot of rehashing the same ol same ol. Same thing for African Americans. So in my thirst I have gone on the hunt for REAL black history.

I recently found this video on youtube

if you want to see the rest just follow the guys blog… all in all in got me interested….

to be continued

Growing up as a Black Boy….

In light of the Zimmerman trial where young Trayvon Martin was killed a lot of people wonder is there some other standard that African-American men in United States live by that other people don’t . At first this sounds ridiculous but it’s true. I remember my mother teaching me certain “codes of conduct” to keep me out of trouble.

I used to run track in high school and I would want to run after school. My mom would tell me not to run at night. “If you run at night, people will think you’re stealing something, ” she tell me. It sounds funny but it was her way of making sure the cops here in Texas didn’t suspect me of anything. Even if I wasn’t doing anything… I shouldn’t give them a reason. I also remember one time actually getting in trouble in school.  The teacher called my mother because I was being “disruptive” . When my mother asked me what was the problem I told her. “I wasn’t even talking. The other kids were cracking jokes and I was just laughing and the teacher heard me!”  My mother took me aside and explained to me, “Tre… they are going to call you out everytime. The little white boy may start it but if you what he’s doing you’ll be the one getting caught. You have to do better than him. You don’t have time to joke around and play in class cause when its all said and done he won’t have to do as much and he’ll be your supervisor! So you don’t have time to play. You have to work twice as hard to get the respect he’s going to get because if you do less or equal to what he does … it wont be good enough.”

Some might not think she was correct in her thinking but she grew up in a time where life was different. But in many ways she was right. Black men have to be sensitive on how we act in order to not be perceived a certain way. Of course some don’t care, but no one wants to be the “angry black man” nor do we want to be seen as the “sell out” amongst other blacks. There’s that fine line between being the “strong black man” and the “controlled mild mannered man” (imagine it like being superman and having to tone it down and be Clark Kent for the everyday people).

Am I overexaggerating? Maybe …maybe not. I’ve had white friends think I was yelling when in truth I was just excited.  You have to know to communicate in tone and speed; communication is key. Perception is reality,  not only how you perceive yourself but how you want others to perceive you. The little bit of control you have over others perception should be utilized. I find it “cute” that everyone is putting up hoodies in memory of Trayvon and as a protest against profiling but profiling is something everyone does… EVERYONE.

Remember how white boys with trench coats were profiled after the Columbine shootings?

I opt to pull down the hoodie and put on a tie. If you want to to perceived as a prince, dress like a king. You want to perceived as a pauper dress like a bum. But that only gets you in the door. Attitude is everything.

Despite whether a black boy is accepted or not, he must put a value on himself beyond that value that the world gives him. He must see himself more than an athlete, a rapper, or some sexual fetish. He must get used to rejection…silent rejection. Black boys growing into men will feel the “fear” when they walk at night from other people. Don’t be offended.  Learn to smile, nod and continue on as usual. Some people will ask stupid question or what we perceive as stupid… but just be tolerant.

Above all else  a black boy must know how and where to vent his anger and frustrations. If he is a fighter , I suggest he get involved in boxing, but working out, art, writing, or any mode of expression may work to… egad maybe even just talking, but women seem to be better at that than men sometimes.  (but that’s another blog)

How to Be OUT

I don’t know if I can answer my own subject. I can only share my own experience.

As a rule I approach everything with respect and dignity and I expect the same back. If you don’t know by now I have a user name “fratBrotha” meaning…I’m in a fraternity . It has come to my knowledge recently from another fraternity brother that they have caught wind via the net that I am bisexual.

Now let me state…im not in college anymore, and the men that are apparently gossipping about me are far into their adult age. So i find this quite amazing that people would be chatting about my sexuality as if it was that noteworthy in this day and time. Perhaps its just shocking and its something to burn the time, who knows.

Anyhow, one of my frat brothers emails me to let me know that such clatter is going on in Texas (but I live in Los angeles) . I tell him I am flattered that so many people have concerned themselves with my sexual behavior.

Just goes to show you that southern mentality.

Glad I left.

Why do people feel so shocked? Do people just simple expect all people to be the same (ie heterosexual) and if they are not, do you expect those people to be the stereotypical mold that you have created for them?I think not.

It has been enough to bother me to the point of writing this but after my vent I shall just accept the mentality of some people for just what it is.

My hope for the BLACK community in particular is that they learn to accept people no matter their differences or sexuality for it is hypocritical for us to fight for civil rights and then next breath turn our nose up on those with different sexual orientation in our OWN race. Plain hypocrisy . You don’t have to like it, but understand that people like me exist.

that’s all ask, understanding.