God is Nothing

Ah now that I have your attention…

I would like to direct you to this following video. I did a post of what it means to “exist” and why we as humans in our finite understanding put so much emphasis on existence. Lately I have been trying to understand the state of nothingness which for some…is just too deep. (feel free to exit the blog if you wish) You are welcome to write me off as some metaphysical nutjob …I’m sure your religion has managed to explain all life’s mysteries and there’s no need to learn or ask questions anymore…but IM STILL THINKING…so I digress…

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and whether you like Alan Watts or not please check this video out :

In a nutshell, I have said before my belief is that “God” is a state of being and not something or someone to be objectified. For  example… attempting to “find love” is foolish. Embrace the idea of love and do what you love, and you will experience love. More love will be experienced. You can find someone to love when you have it give. But that person is not love itself, but merely the object of your love. Love is really nothing and you find something to define it by (people, family, sex, food, job, pets, religion). Nothingness is the state Something resides in. The question remains can we have something out of nothing? You can only create on a blank slate. Shadows are only cast in extreme light and rays of light only exist in darkness. We are defined by our contrasts and balanced because of the potential of nothing. too deep? Probably. 

The idea of dying and becoming nothing …again..is frightening to some. But all there is …is nothing. (remember how you felt before you were born? No…didn’t think so) There is more nothing in the universe than something..and that is what eternity is because that’s what last eternally ….nothing. The objects in space (the somethings) are the only things that are finite. So if God is eternal…then God is nothing.