Mercury Goes Direct!!

Hey guys, looks like you made it. hahaha. Mercury has been retrograde in Capricorn since December. With it in this sector, hopefully, you used the time to reorganize your life. We’ve seen plenty of delays with airports and travel this go around in the collective. Things should be getting better but we’ll improve on those issues.

Today is a universal day 8. The energy will be focused on finances and some of you … sex. (Oh la la la ) Power plays are really possible with this energy.

The Sun will conjunct pluto which will empower everyone to take charge of their lives. Be careful about butting heads with others. The card of the day says to drop your defenses. Have a great one and if you need a reading, you can get one today for $5 Click here

It’s time to grow

Today I’m thinking about all the ways I can grow. Sometimes we want change but we look for outward change. A new job, a new lover, moving to a new location…

But maybe the only change that needs to happen is something internal. A change of the mind. A change of how you do things and not what you’re doing. Jupiter in Aries starting now through the Summer will increase this sense of self and the goals we have.

Getting ready for this Neptune Jupiter Conjunction

So I’m sure if you’re into astrology then you’ve already heard about this conjunction. Anytime big planets join their energy it’s like “wonder twin power activate!”

Ive been wondering how this transit is going to affect my life. I’m a Pisces after all but it’s happening in 4th house of home and family. I already work from home and love it but what more can Jupiter and Neptune do for my sense of “security” ….buy an alarm system? Lol

Since Neptune has been in this sector I’ve started doing Oranum psychic line from home, so maybe there’s more I can do there. Life has been ups and down but I’m optimistic things will get better. My day job is ok but I wish I got paid more especially in this economy. (Why couldn’t this happen in my 2nd house 😭)

Anywho… I’ll keep y’all posted if anything changes 😜

The Pluto Return of the united States

Our country is going through many changes and its not done yet! Capricorn represents structure, business and organization. Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, and change. Its about to be in the same place it was in 1776!!! America will never be the same after this. Find out what you need to know on a metaphysical level to ride this wave of change!

More Truth Bombs Are happening

I predicted that when we had the solar eclipse in Sagittarius, that we would have more world wide truth bombs. The video I am sharing is just one of many I think we’ll see before Jupiter (which rules Sagittarius) moves out of Aquarius (the social community). Sagittarius is big on beliefs so of course people will be polarized because of their belief but this energy is about harsh truths. We’ll see more and more people expressing themselves when before (in the past year) things have been censored or silenced. I was telling one follower of mine, now is the time to speak up if you’re going to. The timing is now. Watch the video below.

More information from Dr. Robert Malone another virologist.

More truth bombs about Pfizer <<<——-

Weekly Tarot April 18-24

Looks like its going to be a transformative week ahead. We start the week with the moon in Cancer, dealing with our deep emotions and family and end the week in Libra , which talks about balance. Building up to the FULL MOON in Scorpio!!! Wow. I feel the crescendo of the music. But how you deal with others matters a lot. Here’s a break down for every sign . Watch the video below.

August Tarot Forecast

Hey everyone! So I decided to go ahead and add a completed playlist for my monthly youtube videos so those who aren’t subscribed to my youtube channel can have their one stop shop for the monthly forecast. (I’m so nice)

After finishing I noticed a strong soulmate energy for every sign. If you have been been having issues with a partner or someone you have been interested in, you won’t be able to escape their energy for August. The universal number for August is 3. So there’s going to be a need to communicate! So face your problems and hash out your grievances. That Leo energy is going to give everyone the strength to ROAR and then we’ll get be trying to fix and analyze issues when we slip into Virgo.

scroll through the playlist and find your zodiac sign. Be sure to check your rising as well.