Does God Exist?

First, those that know me understand my thoughts about God. I believe in a God but not as clearly defined by religious doctrine. I question, does God exist in that is it  possible to be and not actual be a “being”? Let’s define exist:


  1. Have objective reality or being.
  2. Be found, esp. in a particular place or situation.

If I ask you, “Does a doughnut have a center?” the answer can both yes and no. The center of the doughnut is non existent. The center is only defined by the outer doughnut (the part that exists) . Is the creator given definition by the creation? Another example is a droplet of water hitting a stagnant pool of water. The drop hits the center and creates a current or ripple effect. The ripples continue to expand larger and larger.  The original drop does not exist anymore but the ripples are the effect of its being.    Does love exist? Can it truly be contained and measured or is it only defined by what love affects? Perhaps…only perhaps God is the same.
If existence is defined as anything in time and space. Then it is not infinite nor eternal. God can not both be in existence and be infinite. Perhaps God is the number zero; the state of not being. My Christian friends say God exists outside of time. But outside of time and space there is nothing.
Perhaps God did exist and divided it’s state of being to create the universe much like a single cell goes into mitosis or a seed dies to become a flower full of the same seeds. Perhaps all of creation is just the residual effect of that one original. God continues to exist “materially” through creation and “intangibly” through nothingness. It is a philosophical stretch to say perhaps Christians and Atheist are arguing about two sides of the same coin. Heads or tails it’s still a dime and perhaps that’s all that matters or anti-matters.