I procrastinate too much

I started rummaging through my online garage and found my old wattpad site with pieces of unfinished works that I havent finished. I felt ashamed. I need to get back to writing… theres so much I want to do. I’m focusing on getting my youtube channel up but I don’t want to neglect my writing either. Now that things are getting somewhat stable in my life perhaps I can take a a moment and step away to write. I updated my book page ..check it out. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/montre

My New Novel is HERE!!!!

Hey people … I know it took a minute but I had a lot of free time so I decided to finish up the fourth installment of the Heaven Sent Series and now it is ready to be viewed by the public… JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! So this is my gift to all my friends and readers out there. Think of it as a really long Christmas card…that has a continuation later on. Yep that’s right I’m working on Book V. The series is getting good and I think I know where I want to take the characters. (spoiler) I added a new family member to Andrew’s crew, so for those reading my blog you have something to look forward to.  lol. here’s the link: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/heavens-power/18756667

Creative Boredom

So my friend Calvin says that I get creative when I get bored. It must be true.

ANYwhooo. So far the whole Clear contracting thing has been working out. Slow, but working. I made a couple of sales this week. Nothing to pay a major bill but at least its helping with money. Me and some friends (is that good grammar? whatever) me and some friends are working on a horror movie script so that should be cool. When I get some more money I plan to put some more marketing on Heaven Sent: the Ring of Death. No plans for the 4th yet. I’m hearing of a lot of parties so we’ll see. Gotta find me a weekend date.

Montré: the writer

living life duh…sometimes ya don’t have time to blog. Besides I usually video blog and the computer is acting crrrrrrazy when it comes to uploads. But alas…I miss the therapy that blog provides (nothing like venting your business to strangers)
Plus I don’t think the guy in the grocery line cares too much.
But quick updates. Still looking for a job like the rest of America, but I have began to focus on writing. I have a personal goal get this third book editted SOON! I have had so many readers writing me about Heaven BOUND which only goes to tell me, it’s being sold somewhere.

TRUST ME ..I’m working as fast as I can!!!! Self publishing is a bitch.