I’m Not Sure How To Feel About this… but Check it out

Where do I find this stuff? Okay so have any of you guys heard about the Transhuman movement of 2045? Granted some of you will be dead by then… sadly but this may affect your children. Here’s the video:

I already know what most religious people will say. But I would like to get a broad spectrum of opinions from a spiritual and secular pov. I can see the benefits but I can also see the negative side (ie… automated control and loss of free will) I mean, if someone puts your mind in a robot, who’s to say they just won’t decide to …shut you off? heheh… I’m getting mixed vibes from this, like the matrix plus the terminator.  I don’t see this technology be available for just anybody either. I see it just for the powerful and rich, which will give them a horrible advantage to rest of society… So what happens to non-techno-humans who don’t have the funds to afford this? Uh oh…

What does Alex say?