Bill Cosby: Why Everything is Falling Apart Now

Dear Mr. Cosby…drugging drinks is called rape now days


DISCLAIMER: let’s start with first, this is just my little ol’ opinion but I will say that I’m pretty good at putting some of the pieces together. Secondly, I’m not as half as emotionally invested in hoping Bill Cosby is innocent (which he probably isn’t) but that’s neither here or there. (if he settled out of court, who cares right?) 

Let’s look at the allegations and try to answer some of the questions. Several women have recently come together to confront Bill Cosby about rape allegations where his M.O. is to have drugged these women and had his way with them when they were younger and he was at the top of his game in the industry. While this may be shocking to some, you have to realize, in Hollywood a lot of dirt goes down behind closed doors. Some of your favorite personalities no matter whether they are black, white, latino, in the Gospel/Christian industry do a lot of scandalous things. It’s nauseating and makes you weary if you want to “make it” in Hollywood because you don’t know who to trust (I’ve tried my luck at in good ol’ Los angeles).

So it’s not hard for me to believe Bill Cosby, not only cheated on his wife, but had unwanted sex with young women aspiring to build their careers in one way or another. Were they all rape? Probably not. Were they confused? Most Likely. Remember, to have sex with someone under the influence without them knowing it, is rape (point blank). Just because a girl is a gold digger or a slut doesn’t negate that, she still has to be conscious of the event. (Now I’m not saying that any of the women claiming allegations were Hollywood sluts Janice Dickinson  ) But keep in mind, we all do stupid things at 18 and 19. Shit I’ve done a few stupid things in my life. Taking drugs doesn’t mean you want to be raped or you plan to have sex with someone.

mental note: don’t take a strange drink from a creepy guy if you didn’t make it/buy it yourself.

In the 70’s and 80’s times were different and Cosby is not the first industry professional to use his power to get what he wants. But typically, Cosby’s reputation in Hollywood is one of misogyny, I’ve never heard good about him when it came to women. One acting mentor of mine told me years ago she would never work with him again because he was so disrespectful of women and he had a dirty mouth (maybe not on stage but in real life, yes) . People are now hearing about Cosby in 2014 but he’s been settling out of court for years when it comes to rape and keeping it out the news. Good lawyers and money makes that happen. Plus Cosby is notorious for keeping the media at bay and getting folks fired.

He is a power player, he can make or break your career (remember Lisa Bonet? Just erased her from Hollywood didn’t he) … so, if he had his way with you, and now you’re working in the biz, then you had better keep your mouth shut… shamed or not (that’s how it works.. say hello to the casting couch)


Cosby was recently reported about trying to jump back on the front lines and put a new show on NBC about a Grandpa and all his family. Sounds nice but it’s not the early 90’s anymore and past attempts of Cosby trying to recreate new shows with him as the star (Cosby Mysteries, and Cosby–a show with previous co-star Phylicia Rashad) were ratings flops. I honestly don’t think that NBC wanted to gamble with the show idea. Television has changed, comedy has changed but when you’re a industry powerhouse, you call the shots. Bill Cosby is a billionaire (and a republican I’ve heard) My guess is… and this is only my guess. The current powers that be at NBC bumped heads with Cosby. How do you tell BILL COSBY no? Creative difference stirred and you just can’t tell a man like Bill Cosby no. I mean really, Betty White made a come back, but her show was not on NBC…it was like on TBS cable. So, I assume they did what they knew they could do…

They aired his dirty laundry (all famous people have something)

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. All in all,  I doubt if Bill Cosby will go to jail for any of these allegations true or not. But this is horrible for his character or at least the perception of his character. Is America’s grandpa a dirty ol’ man who likes pretty white girls?

The industry doesn’t work with Bill Cosby anymore. He’s old news, suuure a few loyal fans will tune in to watch his show but will fade fast and television now does not keep shows one season that can’t pull ratings. With entertainment competing with internet and cable networks. Want to know what NBC is interested in… view their CURRENT SHOW LINE UP and ask yourself, does Cosby real fit in that paradigm in 2014/2015 ?

This won’t phase him much, he is a billionaire after all. They want him to retire gracefully and leave the tv programming to a younger generation. If Bill Cosby were smart, he would work with Oprah or start his own cable network instead of doing a new show and focus on cultivating new talent versus sleeping with them