I’m Not a “Nigga”

This topic is like beating a dead horse as many before have spoken on the issue and literally tried to bury it in real life…

Now it’s typically referred to as the N-word. Taboo for the politically correct and often embraced by young people both African American and abroad as a “cool-hip” term of someone who is “hood” or “street smart”. We know the historical background. There’s no need to go back in time for that. It just baffles me that people seem to equate it to “being black” when it truth, it has never meant black excellence but merely apathy. You’ll never see an article saying “Nigga Parents send kids off to College” or “100 niggas graduated High School with honors” .


Apathy in itself is not exclusive to a color or race, which is why so many young people might relate to the term in itself. But it’s ties with being used as racial oppression can not be ignored. It surprises me that those, who relate to term, are surprised at others who relate to the term and no negative things.


While I understand tweet above’s intent, it’s lost to the point where he expects someone who refers themself as “nigga” to not make him look worse because it’s his own self-identifying title. But honestly, bad behavior, selfish desire, and the need to only “survive” comes hand in hand with identifying as “nigga” . It’s a word created by racist white people on their stereotypical expectation of African Americans.

We can lump it with all other negative self identifying titles that some use ( Fag, Bitch, Hoe, ) All of which are used by people to self-identify but they also find offensive when used by any outside their “group” . Funny, I can’t think of negative self-term that straight white men use for their self that is equally as offensive (redneck doesn’t cut it and Cracker has more to do with “cracking a whip” than it does those crunchy snacks.. ie “young whipper-snapper”)

The above video by James Baldwin explains that the terms that some choose to identify with are only tools for racists to say… “See, I told you so” . But this is America, we can literally self-identify as we choose. But it has always been a label to “bring someone lower” / insult (and that someone doesn’t have to be African-American)


My question, why would anyone want to identify as being “less than” ?

It baffles me, but what can i expect in a world where people hurt children, lick ice cream in stores, and kill each other because “they don’t like the music they’re listening to” . We can continue to focus on the negative or move forward toward positive change. If you love your self you will identify yourself as something more without having to degrade others. Therein lies the issue. People who don’t love themselves have nothing to lose. Loving yourself has nothing to do with racial background, gender, or sexual orientation. It has everything to do with the man in the mirror. Be good to yourself. Asé