Pray for All Children

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I had the most disturbing dream. I feel if I don’t get it out my head it will bother me more. I always believe that dreams are messages from the astral. I can’t remember much, as dreams sometimes go… its like watching a story in a fog.

There was this woman speaking to me. I couldn’t see her and all I could hear was her voice. She was telling the story of all these children that had been hurt and needed help. I couldn’t really understand and she didn’t want to show persay because it was too horrible. But the dream start illustrating characters like drawings and there was illustrated man who was very big and he had two very small children. One was toddler age, because the child could stand on their own and the other was on the other side sitting. They were what looked like a square boxing ring inside an empty warehouse?? I’m no sure.

the rest of this “cartoon” is disturbing be warned.

He then pulled a huge blade and began stabbing the toddler. 😭 He stabbed the child in the head while the sitting baby watched. I’m not sure if he did it to the baby because naturally I tried to wake from this horrible dream. I thought “what is this?!” and the female voice came back to me and said, “There are many children , pray for them.”

I had the most helpless feeling. Like why?! Who? Where? But I remember how my mother would pray a prayer of protection around me anytime I would go out to school (and if my friends came over she’d pray over them too) . I tell everyone the angels don’t intervene UNLESS we ask for their help. What we can’t do physically in our own bodies we can influence in the spiritual and ask our spiritual helpers to intervene.

So today, I pray and ask you to pray for children in your neighborhood (your circle of influence) that you don’t even know. You don’t have to be physically present but there may be some kid around some real demented adults. There may be some kid that doesn’t know about love and has only experienced pain, abuse , and death. Today… pray for those kids. Asé

Schools Force Parents to Drug Children

I went to school in the 90’s, a child of “generation X” and I can say that I believe I had a pretty well rounded education. If I had kids I would want them to have something similar, to be able to discover things that they are interested in and to be able to ask questions undeterred. But the more I talk to my friends who are teachers and even hear of recent experiences from my younger early 20ish friends, I realize that a lot has changed with the American education system. essay-film-essay-video-2013-001-cows-on-conveyor-belt_600x450_1 Maris farms 054

I imagine that the education institution is like a meat factory raising cattle on a conveyor belt. It seems with this mass production of institutionalized students comes the necessary drugging. I am a very creative individual, and I remember teachers telling my mother that I had a lot energy, mostly because I was very smart and I would finish my worksheets before everybody else. What was the answer back 1990 for this hyper kid? Drugs? Nope… more work. They told my mom they were going to put me in “classes for the gifted” where the teacher there, Ms. Cox was her name, encouraged us to be “risk takers” and to “think outside the box.” We were assigned special projects and logic grids. We wrote journals and made books (which obviously influences me now) .

Alas, had I been born perhaps ten years later, I believe they would have drugged me. Now I’m not faulting any parent that may believe this is best option for their child. But what if there are alternatives? Are people given a choice? Why is America so quick to drug each and every child that’s in the system? Children in today’s world seem to have more medical issues compared to kids when I or my parents were in school (My mother is a baby boomer) . It discourages me to have children in this country… it’s almost like you have to follow their process of institutionalizing your children or the government will confiscate them and put them in a group home. We can’t continue to be blind that the drug industry is a money making business ( a billion dollar business) . Is financial profit the driving force of why so many kids are being diagnosed and drugged needlessly?

Check this video out. Its’ a long one (sorry) but it’s eye opening.

Another School Shooting …in Colorado

.I’m at work and CNN is showing coverage of another shooting in Colorado. Memories of Columbine come to mind and I think back like it was just yesterday. I continue working. I watch the faces of parents on TV in fear and news casters trying to generate dialogue and everybody attempting to find answers. My coworkers and I have a slight desensitized reaction to all of it as we continue to keep working.

“Just another shooting… they’ll say the kid was insane,” says one coworker. I nod in agreement . We stop for a moment to take notice of how desensitized we’ve become to violence in schools now days. But we live in the city. I graduated high school way before the Columbine shooting and not only did we have metal detectors , and back pack checks at the door but we also had high school security guards. If a student was even “rumored” to having a gun he was quickly apprehended, expelled, and arrested. For me to watch these suburban people shocked (once again) that something like this could happen in their area simply baffles me and I continue to ask the question…


Honestly, is there some false sense of security that because you’re not living in a large city and your town is primarily if not all Caucasian that it must be “safe”. Violent behavior knows no color. So I just shake my head that once again, a violent shooting has made the news in an white “unexpected” area. Trust me, shootings would (and do) happen in the urban public schools but they are least likely to happen because of the security that has been put in place beforehand. Especially in Texas, people have guns and sometimes kids get access to those guns. You don’t have to be crazy or on medication to be angry and want to shoot someone. As a kid I remember times when I was so angry after getting beat up and if I had access to a gun…. well I might have went back to school and used it (I’m glad I didn’t ); but everyone doesn’t have that little angel on their shoulder telling them “No”. I am simply tired of people being shocked that anybody in their town/school is capable of violence. I’m hoping as 2014 approaches that schools nationwide will prepare and protect students so that they can have a safe learning environment.



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