What is this CERN stuff?

I keep finding little bits of information about cern and scientist opening to door to another dimension???

I mean…whaaaaat?!!!

2015 has been some kind of year . We had yet another blood moon during the passover. Civil unrest here in America, Chile just had that massive volcano erupt.

theeeeeeen… not longer after the massive earthquake in Nepal where so far thousands of people have died. Could there be a connection? Not sure. I’m still trying to find more info on Cern. Some say that it has something to with the Day of Atonement in September. Others say they are trying to release Apollyon (the beast in the earth in Revelations). I assume this is the Babylonian Marduk or Azazel in the book of Enoch. Who knows. I realize most people don’t really study these type of things so it doesn’t matter in their day  to day life.

the above video is really religious…and promotes a lot of fear…so I don’t quite agree with all of it… just take it as a grain of salt.

I really don’t know why I’m so interested really. I just am. If anyone has any good resources hit me up. It’s hard to go with the “faith of mainstream religion” and what they tell us to believe since most of the “powers that be” run religion but keep there own “secrets”