Creating Your Reality

Recently the CIA did a report talking about the power of intention having validity. I think this something more people need to realize. Your thoughts become things. Everything is in your mind and how you decide to program your consciousness is manifesting the world you exist in.

With that being said, the powers that be know this all well. Things like commercials, the mainstream news, mainstream music, and television “programming” is literally programming your consciousness one way or another. If you’re not conscious of what you’re allowing into your mind, then you become merely a robot…. a biological robot. To be divine and inherit your true divinity you have to learn to control your own consciousness system.

Mind Control and Hollywood Politics

There is something called MK Ultra which is a technique of mind control. It sounds like science fiction but it’s amazing about how many people talk about this being done in not only our government but in Hollywood industry entertainers.

If you’re not familiar with this, I advise that every one go google and research this topic.  Psychological warfare is real and present people.