Congressman Threatens Reporter #cnn #video

Wow, freedom of the press indeed! Looks like when the heat is up the real claws come out. These people in Congress are just big ass bullies and they show one face for the public and another personality in private.  Look, “Congressman” the media is not here to make you look good.. it’s here to report the news. I applaud any journalist who is digging a little deeper to see what’s really going in Washington D.C.

video below:

The Reason Why Justin Bieber is So Crazy

justin-bieber-hospital-instagramIf you have been watching any news today, you have probably already heard about Justin Bieber getting arrested for drag racing in an residential area under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and some other substance. All in all , Justin was F#@* up! Bieber suffers from Affluenza, a horrible side effect of white boy privilage. Remember THIS story? . BeraADhCUAEXSvjAs we have learned about this mental disorder, it happens when you are given too much, too soon, and never know what it means to work for “success” . Thus this “poor soul” doesn’t know how to respect the laws that govern society or himself because at the ripe age of 19 he doesn’t know what it means to “struggle”. Struggles make people strong and train people how to survive when they don’t have anything. There are thousands of 19 year old potential singers who are working a 9 to 5 (side note: did anybody catch American Idol last night? what did you think?) , trying to save their money to get studio time to make their demo and working even harder to get somebody to hear them sing in some dank and dark club scene that will only pay them two free drinks and some potato chips. But Justin never experienced this, his success was handed to him at a young age and now, at 19 he is probably asking himself “what next? What do I have left to acheive?”

Of course he could go some other route with his career, like acting, where he has no expertise. But when you have been given success… you don’t know the first thing about actually recreating success in other areas. Granted he is probably waiting for someone to give him a movie (which he would be highly criticized because acting is a VERY critical arena moreso than singing) . I don’t apologize for saying this is a “white boy disorder” because even the richest african american will still struggle with the racism of their peers and on their best day still will be threatened with being pulled over by a cop for nothing.

So I really don’t feel sorry for Justin when he provokes the police to arrest him. Arrest his spoiled ass! Maybe he will be scared straight and start focusing on more positive outlets… alas he is still 19, and he doing 19 year old thingsI just hope CNN doesn’t make this their TOP STORY.

Broadcast News sucks… if you call fluff news #cnn #FOXnews #MSNBC


We have the news playing all day in the office, so we can keep “up to date” on current events and after about two hours we start drooling and blood starts spurting out our noses. For one, the “journalist” are so opinionated and biased. When I took

broadcasting back in school they taught us to be objective and to avoid sensationalism or “yellow journalism” but it seems that’s all we see now days. I swear these talking heads and journalist are just actors who audition. The news becomes a broken record of repetitive shlop like a dog eating food, regurgitating and re-eating the same shit. Okay, I’m venting. If you guys know some better news outlets that are alternative pleeeeease let me know


The boyfriend wants to have a proactive role on my youtube channel. I’ve been doing video blogging since mmmm 2007? (I actually started on myspace video ehh not so smart)   I’ve changed how I record  and the format several times (webcam, camera, camera phone, back to web cam) along with different editting styles. Now we wants to do some of the “composing” … hey more power to him. He’s a perfectionist so you may see some changes with my youtube channel soon. I would like to get popular like some of the big youtubers. Alot of them have been around for years, with thousands of subscribers compared to my *cough500 but hey, I’m hopeful that my momentmum will keep rising. I did my stats and my demographic so far has been older gay males… I don’t know what I need to talk about to get young gay males (Beyonce?) oh GAWD … I hope not. Maybe I will revamp the whole channel.. still contemplating.

News and entertainment is slowly moving toward the Youtube/internet world and I’m ready to advance with the times! Some of my favorite youtubers are Philip deFranco and  Ray William Johnson.. I’ll post Ray’s  latest here :