The Shadow of the Soul

I think we all have our shadow self; the parts of our soul that we bury for whatever reason. Everyone has their own coping method for trauma. Some people deal with it openly, some relive it in their adult relationships, and others create a reality where nothing happened at all.

I think it’s important to face that shadow but don’t follow it. When we get in relationships with others, be it romantic or friendship, we have to be aware that others have some type of trauma that is deep that may not be expressed. The closer we get to them the more we may feel it. But what do you do?

You can’t remove a man’s shadow, you can just help a person realize that shadows are merely…shadows. Turn around and focus on the light and your shadow is behind you. Be guided by your shadow to know where the light is but don’t follow it or you’ll walk into darkness.

What really is the EGO?

If you’re starting on this spiritual journey, you hear a lot of people talk about the ego. Some will say you need to suppress the ego or kill the ego to get spiritual enlightenment. Others say you need to balance out the ego with your higher self. But all in all, a lot of people don’t even know what the ego is

If I could make it as simple as possible the ego is the part of yourself that you’ve created to protect your inner self or that inner child. The ego is always about survival and the self. There’s nothing wrong with that. All in all, I agree there should be a balance between connecting to your all-giving higher self and know what’s just best for you.

But the ego is a very temporal thing.

Its the part of ourselves that we learn the hard lessons from. The ego is like a dream self where when you’re sleeping, you are this certain “person” completely different. When you wake up, that person fades away and realizes that wasn’t “really you” .

The real “you” is the higher self. That higher self is connected to the all and it knows all. The ego is that video game character you decided to use to play “the game” . So in some aspect, you need the ego but you also have to realize that you shouldn’t get too connected to it because it’s not who you really are. You are far greater than that. You control the ego.

It’s Impossible to live “FOR GOD”

Some of you have read the title and are like, “There Montré go…on one of his rants again” but no, seriously, hear me out.

We live in a time where people are getting really polarized in their beliefs and go to extremes to prove their undying devotion to whatever said religion they may be. And for the Abrahamic religions “God” is seen as this all powerful being.

I agree with that (to some extent), but in past rants,  I believe religion limits what we believe as God to human standards of existence.. (ie… gender, role, personality, ego, favoritism, yada, yada) These are human concepts. The idea that you must “live for God” is the subconscious belief that God is somewhere outside of yourself needing your assistance and shaking his index finger when you opt out.

You see, in my view, God is everything; the source and the being. God is nothing and everything. Everything is an aspect of the force we describe as “God” … the good and the bad. Everyone is an aspect of the creator…you, me, the Jew, the Muslim and gasp.. even Trump. So everything we do God is doing because God .. is everything (and that includes bad things)

What do you mean bad things?

It’s like Star Wars where God is the FORCE… and that can be used for good, bad, or neither (ie balance). The Force doesn’t care, it’s your purpose to decide. Most people do bad things because they either 1. justify it as good 2. Have no awareness of self 3. Have no empathy. ( I don’t want to simplify it too much… there are plethora of reasons I’m sure.. but for the sake of time let’s discuss)

  1. Justifying as good– Believing you’re doing something for God is a setup to treat others badly and get away with it. Most these people feel disconnected already with the source and will do anything…anything to prove worthiness. desperation is deadly especially with the extreme religious (ISIS, the KKK, Pat Robertson…etc). Take responsibility for your actions and know everything you say or do is powerful and can either create or destroy.
  2. No self-awareness– No self-awareness is like having no soul or being drunk and blacking out. You’re just floating through life.  Because when you don’t know who you are… you don’t know your purpose and you’re liable to misuse your own power. A person with no purpose can and will do anything. If I say “you are God” some people cringe and some people will shy away because most have been taught otherwise. That’s why they are powerless. Powerless people follow blindly. They spend their esb20s2g29w1glives asking for permission to live and die hoping for a reward like a good dog. You can’t ask the lake to not drown you if you fall in. You just have to understand water and the force that it is .. respect it and learn how to flow in it. That’s how God is. You either know how to swim or you don’t ..there’s no asking.
  3. No empathy– knowing your self is not some power play because not only are you God but so is everyone. We are God together, we are the expression of the One. Empathy is feeling that in everyone. What I do to one, I do to many. One life does affect us all. One guy who drinks and drives at 6 am and causes a wreck affects the life of not just himself, but the person he hit, the people stuck in traffic and every little ripple that happens because of that… (maybe someone got stuck in traffic, got to work late and was fired) . So…Namaste-I see the divine in you and respect that. Stare into someone’s eyes without blinking…shit stare into your own eyes in the mirror. People would treat others differently if they knew everything they do.. they do to themselves.

So in a nutshell when I hear people say, “I’m doing this for God” I just wanna scream. You can no more do for God than you can drink water “for the ocean” or get a tan “for the sun.” People’s simplified, objectified view of God is not only limiting to their spirituality but also their view of their self and empowerment to take control of their reality.  Give me your thoughts.

File this under… MUST WATCH #video #consciousness

There are a few films I find online and this one is hella deep. it’s long too and you may have to watch in parts. But the info is pretty cool . It’s gonna make you think about some things. I posted it on Facebook but I will keep it logged here on my site as well.

How Emotions Can Affect Your Reality

I think emotions, especially for men, can be seen as a negative thing and that really needs to stop. There is a link between consciousness, our subconscious, and how we feel about situations on a moment to moment basis. In fact it’s acknowledging those feelings where our true power comes. I found this thought provoking video with Jim Carrey talking on this subject, some people don’t know how deep this guy actually is because he is paid to be comically but just check it out.

So Let’s Talk Fourth Dimension Shit…

For some crazy reason I’m up at the crack ass of the morning and I can’t get back to sleep and this is the only thing on my mind. So like any good little blogger let me do a mental flush onto my keyboard (good thing I took plenty of fiber) .  So my thoughts have been going back and forth on what exactly is the fourth dimension and what it may feel like to be conscious of it. I believe more and more every day our world is preparing the minds of people to live in a fourth dimension reality whether we “realize” it or not.  For some speaking of fourth dimension consciousness is as vague as going back in time to 1984 and explaining a game on Nintendo Wii to some kid who knows only a game on Atari.

In all actuality video games is exactly the perfect example of dimensions.  The first dimension consists of just a point in the universe.  It is just a dot. The consciousness in that dimension is simple. Very little information, yet potential to become so much more. Then we move into the two dimension which is what others call “the flat land” . This is like the first video game “pong” . Remember that game? It was  a dot going back and forth between two straight lines.  The  world got more complex and detailed and soon it became a world of its own. Let’s use Super Mario’s World for example and imagine that Super Mario (in the first Nintendo game) is actually alive and unaware he is a video game.  His world is flat. He can only move left and right and jump up and down in his world in flat land.  He has no consciousness of depth. To explain depth or volume would be weird for poor Mario… life is hard enough trying to save the Princess!

To Mario, me, the player is like God. Mario can’t see that I have a controller and I’m pressing B to make him jump. Mario thinks he’s real, but I know he’s a character and I’m the mind he uses.

As technology evolves Mario’s world becomes three-dimensional. Same Mario, same player (me) but now I’m using different versions of Nintendo to include more information.  The universe is just bits of information. Light carries information…okay don’t want to lose you but yeah… the later versions of Mario carry more bits of info and now Mario can run through the depths of his world. He can run and turn around. His world is very much like how people are conscious now… in a third dimensional consciousness.  He still is unaware that I am playing. He is still unaware that his whole world is just a game… bits of information on a console. He is unaware that he is a program and that his true motivational driving force is something outside of himself, that there is a player.

But maybe Mario is slowly realizing that there’s something more than mushrooms and magic stars. Maybe he thinks that if he runs to the end of the game he can find the “player” .  If I could communicate to Mario, I would be like muse, an angel, a god. Maybe Mario wouldn’t think I was real. But in actuality Mario is the one who isn’t real. Mario is just a game; a program, a character created from someone’s mind. And Mario’s will is my will…the player.

Once Mario becomes conscious that he is not real… and that he is “Player 1” we move into fourth dimension consciousness. Fourth dimension consciousness [I believe] is literally…thinking outside the box. It is stepping out of the game and realizing that you’re the mind controlling the game. Your mind is “god”. The world, the people around you, the game, your self are all just programmed characters in the latest game.  

In a fourth dimension consciousness, you can turn off the super Mario game and realize …”hey I’m still here.” however you define “I” . Everything you believe you are is just a program for a particular game. The actual “you” is something bigger… (of course , now I’m being redundant) In fourth dimension consciousness you will not only be able to continue to play the game from a different perspective (seeing the game, outside the game, understanding the cheat codes and controls) but you will be able to be aware of other players, pause the game, stop the game, or start a new one.

This is, what I believe, fourth dimension consciousness is. It is realizing the entire universe is just … a kid playing a video game.

IN the beginning…

… there was light. The universe is comprised of light and darkness. Light is comprised of a holy trinity. Light has three primary components (Blue, Green and Red). These colors cannot be created by other colors and all other colors come from them. Red is the color of old stars while blue is the color of younger stars. The affects of red light create an opposite affect than that of blue light to humans. Red is the stimulant, passionate, agression, action, attention. Blue is loyal, slow, colder, calm, intuition, communicative (ask yourself how do you feel when you see each color).  Green light is the balancing force of the two. Green is peace, relaxed, harmony, life, growth.Is it any coincidence that Republicans are represented by red, Democrats by blue and now we have a “Green” Party? When all three primary light spectrums join creates white light. White light is consciousness. (good morning) . Our sun projects white light White light contains the ability to be divided into any number of different colors we can see and cannot. Light travels in waves. I wonder if you could hear light how would it sound. Everything we see is merely light waves being intercepted by our eyes and being interpreted by our mind. All everything we see is energy.