Now is the time for #REVELATION

First I want to say Merry Christmas and happy holidays but it seems it’s hard to focus because there is so much going on in the world, tornados destroying people’s homes recently and I’m like (didn’t that happen last year)  on the east coast racial tensions rice and internationally we poke at the sleeping bear called North Korea. Pretty much I can say, don’t believe everything you hear and see on the news. If you allow it to completely form your views and affect your emotions you’re being controlled. Take the information, process it. Everything is being controlled, education, religion, money, media, healthcare, food, travel, and to some extent communication. Truth is relative. Whatever you know…try to find the other side of the coin. Now is the time. Wake up. There is a lot of information. Be rational. Be calm.. and when you think you got it… open your mind and poor some more information in…

How to Manifest REALITY

I’ve been finding video after video about the same subject… manifesting. It’s almost as if the Universe is trying to communicate and usually that’s how it’s done. I believe that the Creator isn’t going to yell from the sky
“HEY I need you to do this and this…”
In order to actually have a spiritual experience, you have to get on a different frequency of thinking. In general, people think on a very basic level. We interpret things based upon our senses. We judge our day based on certain things that happened, never thinking that we can create things to happen. So that’s there in is the goal. To create a world, that’s better for us all. But it all starts in the mind… deep in the mind.

IN the beginning…

… there was light. The universe is comprised of light and darkness. Light is comprised of a holy trinity. Light has three primary components (Blue, Green and Red). These colors cannot be created by other colors and all other colors come from them. Red is the color of old stars while blue is the color of younger stars. The affects of red light create an opposite affect than that of blue light to humans. Red is the stimulant, passionate, agression, action, attention. Blue is loyal, slow, colder, calm, intuition, communicative (ask yourself how do you feel when you see each color).  Green light is the balancing force of the two. Green is peace, relaxed, harmony, life, growth.Is it any coincidence that Republicans are represented by red, Democrats by blue and now we have a “Green” Party? When all three primary light spectrums join creates white light. White light is consciousness. (good morning) . Our sun projects white light White light contains the ability to be divided into any number of different colors we can see and cannot. Light travels in waves. I wonder if you could hear light how would it sound. Everything we see is merely light waves being intercepted by our eyes and being interpreted by our mind. All everything we see is energy.

What really is God?

So I’m sure some people will be upset that I have said that the Biblical god is not all powerful and is equal with the biblical devil. Rightly, any follower or yahweh should feel that way. In truth, there is nothing objective about the bible. It is written from the opinions of many people–yes, but they all have ONE common belief…. that Yahweh is the Supreme god.

In the video I made a distinction between the creator and the “gods”. I believe that what mankind has defined as what a god is…is something that is still fallible. It is only the followers of Yahweh that believe that he does no wrong. But when you STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX it becomes quite clear. It is easy for people to find what is wrong with OTHER PEOPLES religion but it becomes difficult for them to see what is wrong with their own.

I personally stepped away from the christian belief when I studied the bible and found that it truly had many contradictions. Then I studied the history of the bible, then I studied Constantine and the Roman government. Then I studied the history of religions in that time. Then I studied the crusades and HOW christianity spread. And then finally I asked myself….why did I allow myself to believe in this religion that had a foundation on blood, death, lies, and control.

These problems existed for years. I found the Bible and the Biblical god to be exclusive to one nation and that god was partial (even though he claims later to not be) to THAT nation. Others could be apart only as long as they came under that nations rules and benefits.But I digress….

With those studies came my studies of other gods, angels, spirits…and I found that it is possible…in this large universe…that these are merely beings. In our egotistical human mind, we believe we are the only intelligent life and that “god” would only give us intelligence out of all these planets and deal with ONLY us. Annunciations, raptures, Elijah being caught up in the heavens, fire in the sky became synonymous with present day alien abductions and people receiving messages from “other” beings. There are those who don’t believe in the latter yet there are those who don’t give a rats ass about either. I think there’s a balance of the two.

These gods I believe are just beings.

From the sky? Before we knew that there were other planets in the sky that would seem somewhat spiritual, now that seems somewhat alien. Could it be, that Yahweh, Allah, Brahmah, Zeus, Kali, The Virgin Mary and all the like are merely beings from another world? And these beings sole purpose is to rule?

The Creator…which can not be defined as a mere “god” but as the source of ALL things…is IN everything. It doesn’t beckon to be worshipped because it can not detach from that which it gives life to. Every person, animal, planet, rock, atom is a vibrational expression of the SOURCE…which is truly what some define as GOD. It is FATHER and MOTHER…Male and/or Female. But to define it as just one is to limit it in it’s expression. Gratitude is not for it but for us to open up ourselves to receive more of it inside of us thus we become more of what it is. For the goal of the SOURCE…is not for us to become less but for us to GROW UP and become what we were meant to be ….the full expression of itself.