New Month New Energy

I woke up early feeling like charged. I don’t know why… December just does that to me. This month, however, is universal month 7 which is all about be rest, meditation, and planning. It’s my personal month 8 though. You figure out your personal month by adding the month and day of your birth and adding it to the universal month. Knowing your numerology for the month will give you a clue on how the energy is flowing for you so you can make your decisions accordingly. Hey… there’s a season for everything. This month we have a solar eclipse in Sagittarius and…. JUPITER AND SATURN conjunct on the WINTER SOLSTICE!!!! Yo…. if you’re in any way spiritual, you need to wake up to want is happening in the stars cause it’s something serious.

Daily Tarot December 29, 2019

Hmmm its the 8 of pentacles on a universal day 8. 8 is all about power and your ability to make things happen. Sideways it’s energy going in and out. What we do to others balancing and coming back to ourselves.

This guy on the card is using his time to perfect something he already knows. The more you do something , the better you get at it. The universal day 8 is about empowering yourself. You may have to deal with a financial issue today or hash out that business plan. Get a jumpstart before Monday.

Daily Tarot Dec 21

Ahhh solstice time and we’re at this major turning point. It’s a a universal day 9. My advice? Don’t start anything new (unless it’s your personal day 1) . Finish up anything today you’re procrastinating on.

With the two of wands it’s a a day of contemplating the next plan of action. The world is yours and a whole new world is about to begin. Close out the old and get ready for something new.

Daily Tarot Dec 20

It’s a universal 8 day, this means power. When we have this energy with the strength card I feel this day empowering us to accomplish our dreams and goals. There’s a lot of strength today, but it’s not physical strength….it inner strength. It’s will. Harness it today, because anything is possible. Also…. happy Friday. 😜