Back in Texas

Welp. You heard it right folks from the above blog. I’ve moved back to Texas for the mean time. It would seem the California economy was whooping my ass! After losing my j-0-b in 2009 from Myspace well….i couldn’t find a replacement job at all. It seems that even the little jobs like Starbucks were in demand. So after a year of struggling on the pennies that Unemployment was offering I finally made the choice to head back to Dallas and look for work. I know, I know…


hahah. Hollywood aint going no where folks…and I still have my dream of living it big. Plus I can write or act anywhere. But I feel like good things are gonna happen this year and it’s good for me to be around good people (ie my family and friends) I’m not through traveling though and maybe one day…hey who knows?

I got some new photos that I took with my new cam on my Myspace page and on my Facebook page so be sure and comment them mmmmmkay?

For all my Texas friends
: Where the HELL are you guys..I’m bored. lol