Dream after Loss

I’ve been in a dark night of the soul. My eldest dog crossed over yesterday. I was there to comfort him, to make sure he wasn’t scared. Loss is hard and I am in an ocean of emotions. I’m pushing through, however.

In the dream I had last night, everyone I knew was pouring into my apartment. My mother brought me a pig and it was covered in oil or something. I began to wash it off. My side tooth was jiggling and moved it with my tongue …and it popped out. I was nervous and told my mother, “my tooth came out, do you have some glue?” She looked at me and said, “It only feels like it fell out….it’s still there. ” I felt around my mouth and sure enough, my teeth were all there.

Dreaming of Time Travel?

Had another weird dream. But this one was hella detailed. So at first it just feels like a normal dream. I’m with my family but their ages are quite different. My mom tells me to look after my brother. I look at him like,

“uh who’s this kid. My brother is way older” I’m confused but I don’t say anything. We’re at church but an older church we used to attend back in the day. My sister tells me she wants to sing in the choir at a different church, and I’m like why?

She tells me because she doesn’t need a license there? For some reason people need a license to sing? She tells me I never needed one and I could just walk up in the choir. I’m still confused.

The choir isn’t organized they are scattered throughout the church and congregation. It looks more like a party than a church.

Something doesn’t sit right and I’m looking at my little brother is very much a child…and immature. (Granted he was always difficult) My mother and I assist him to the bathroom…err carry him. I ask to humor me and tell me what year it is. She giggles and looks confused. But I’m serious. I tell her I remember my brother being older and taller than her.

She seems amazed at this information and tells me it’s the year 661. Now I’m really confused. How can it be 661? What happens at year 666? 😳 . She even shows me the date on her phone as proof.

There’s weird drag queen like men in the bathroom and a guy sitting in the urinal with his dog. I tell her my year is 2022 but I think we calculated time different.

When my brother is done doing his business and we go back into the sanctuary. They are playing an instrumental version of the “Jump off” by lil Kim…who yes is at Church too. That song was released in 2003 so I’m trying to do the math. The crowd is hype but it doesn’t feel like “church” but some weird alternate world where church is a club.

I wake up. Just writing down to remember. Trying to remember my trip to the upside down world. 😳

Dream: I’m the DJ

So I start off this dream walking with some girls or girl down the street. I think she is a guest. There are bars all on this street. I can see inside most of them. There are long lines of people . I hate lines. As i keep walking it gets more crowded. it naturally transitions that I’m no longer in the street but in a club. Dreams tend to do that. I walk to the DJ booth and its empty. It looks like a toy. I’m playing with the controls and changing the music. I look at the crowd and they look fake. Like a virtual , cartoon version of a crowd but they continue to dance as if on queue.

These two girls try to talk to me and weasel themselves to sit in the booth area. It’s quite large , has a stage and several tables to sit at. I guess they want to feel important. As they sit down, another woman with a headset tells them to leave. When I look behind me at them leaving the dream transitions to the end of the of night when I turn back around. The club is empty. The stage crew is breaking down the stage.

I walk to the backstage area and two guys are harassing me. These characters seem familiar to me in my dream but not in my waking life. One knows martial arts and he keeps fake punching in my face trying to make me flinch.I catch his arm once and he acts surprised. I somehow video tape the ordeal and tell them to stop or I’m taking it to social media.They don’t seem to like that.

Cut to nicolas cage.

Why is Nicolas Cage in my dream? Well, it doesn’t matter . He’s built a robocop-like drone that has guns set on it and he’s testing it out. I’m watching in third person now. I’m thinking the drone is going to go kill these guys. Its backstage just shooting. dream ends.

Now I’m in first person again with my “boyfriend”. It’s a dream boyfriend because in real life I’ve never met this guy. He seems familiar though. He a white guy in his 40’s …emotionally unavailable. That’s everyone right? Anyways, I’m naked . I’m not sure if it’s before sex or after but he’s upset and tells me to go to my room. I guess we live together and have seperate rooms? I’m jumping into the dream in the middle of the action. I go to the bathroom. I have tarot cards but my dream tarot work different and almost float on their own. At that, I kinda “know” what I should do. So i go back to his room and he’s sulking I want to help him, he doesn’t want it. I try to talk to him on his bed and we flirt with our clothes on . He’s still sulking but allows me to cuddle him.

cut to outside…now i’m on a studio cart leaving a set. Was this all a movie?