Change is coming

I woke up this morning at 5:55 am. Strange. Pulled the fox card… confirmation. Most people don’t even know what that means. It denotes change. Fast change. I had this dream about seeing all the stars in the sky, and then I saw the outline of what I think was Zeus in the Sky or Perhaps Poseidon … he had a trident in his hand. Like I could see through him and see the stars. And they were bright. Then I felt this pull. I saw this bright clock or white portal. And these hands pulled me to the other side.

I saw this alternate reality. I was there, I had a daughter, and a partner (Someone I know currently but are in no way ¨ together ¨ in my current reality) but I can still hear her laughter. Itś all this whirling, thatś the best way to explain it. Having a Scarlet Witch moment I guess.

This is what I get for praying for a dream to show me my greatest love. Back to the dream…

I felt this war between Jupiter and Venus…two very distinct energies; That push/pull feeling. Funny cause as I write this Jupiter is Aries and Venus is Taurus. Jupiter is Zeus, Marduk in mythology. And the god Marduk runs Aries. While Venus (The goddess Inanna /Isis ) rules Taurus.

As above, so below as they say. I think we´ve seen plenty of examples of the war between masculine and feminine energy here in our world. Each trying to override the other. But it is the HUMAN purpose to be the balance.

Sorry if it’s all too deep …morning thoughts but I had to get it out of my head.