Taking Time to heal

I had this dream of this man who had an injured leg. It was wrapped in a cast but the cast broke and only a few pieces were still attached to his leg. I told him don’t walk on it, it’ll just make it worse. I told him I would find something to wrap it with. On my journey, I looked down and noticed I had a large scab on the top of my foot. I was walking on the beach and sand had gotten all into it and tried to wipe it off and the scab came off revealing a large open sore now.

Photo by Victoria Borodinova on Pexels.com

I knew that couldn’t be good so I stopped my first journey to find a bandaid for my foot. How can I walk around with an open wound? For some reason, people started getting in my way during this pursuit for bandaid. I just pushed them aside and jumped around like Superman until I found a cabin with first aid. I grabbed a large bandaid and slapped that sucker on my foot and grabbed some gauze for the man. Sidenote: A Samuel L. Jackson movie was playing on the tv in the cabin. Random I know…

When I woke, I had these thoughts of not only healing but realizing when you’ve been hurt. It’s during that time, where your focus should go back to yourself. When we work on finding the right tools to heal ourselves , we equip ourselves with more tools to help others.