The Reason Why Facebook Will Self-Destruct

So last week I suddenly got a notification that a picture that I had posted was not suitable for the “Facebook community” and I was now blocked from any future posts for… get this… 30 muthaf$#% days. Now the reason for this is because obviously, I’m a repeat offender of Facebook “rules”. Actually, I’m not. The first time, sure, I posted an inappropriate meme in a group… I get it. But afterward, I started getting dinged for other things like photos which I appealed and my access was released (but obviously the flags on my account were not). So a day ban moves to 7 days, then jumps to 30 days in an instant.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Do I blame the Facebook Police for their shotty automated system that can’t tell a dick pic from an index finger? No. You see, Facebook wastes no time to remove content reported on and start the “punishment process”. So any Joe Schmoe that doesn’t like your content can report it

Go ahead, test it out… lol no just kidding (only if you want to) I’ve noticed countless people going to #facebookjail for the most random things including:

  • Commenting AGAINST racism
  • Commenting AGAINST homophobia
  • Making political comments both CONSERVATIVE AND LIBERAL
  • Making sexual references/ jokes
  • Posting art
  • Posting sexy pics (not porn or nudity)

Of course, I OBVIOUSLY got dinged for being too sexy for Facebook. If you’ve seen my Instagram the same pics get simulcasted there sometimes through an app. So people think it’s actually Facebook monitoring their pics when in reality it’s some Quaker-Puritan-Christian who probably got offended by the post and click “report”.

All Your FB Access Gets Blocked

When you get put in Facebook Jail, you can’t use messenger, pages, comment, like, share, tell people you’ve been kidnapped… NOTHING. I use Facebook for multiple things, business and keeping up and communicating with friends so when they are taking a big chunk of my communication tools for an unwarranted report. I started realizing … damn, I’ve given Facebook way too much control over my cyber-life.

“Just tell them the problem and appeal it!”

You got to realize that whoever works on the Facebook customer service could care less if you get access back. I got lucky a couple of times but now with the 30-day sentence… they haven’t even answered my email.

This is Exactly How Myspace Started Its Decline

For you old heads who remember Myspace, I used to work there. Yup. It was a cool spot to work until FOX took over and got all corporate. They then implemented the zero-tolerance rule of no nudity…ever! (Sorta like what Tumbler “thought” about doing) . So every profile that showed nudity…even once was completed deleted. So …people eventually migrated to Facebook.

My guess if people keep getting banned for stupid things, they will start sharing their content and conversations in different spaces that allow them to be adults. If people don’t want to see certain things or have certain conversations those should be filtered from them. And where ever the people migrate in mass so will advertisers and that’s… what pays the bills on social sites.

Breaking Up With Facebook

Although, I probably won’t delete my account ( I still have my business account). Facebook really wants active users not a graveyard of inactive users and outdated data. But the first step was deleting the app and getting more f*#kn storage space back! And even though I have family and friends on there, the real people I actually keep up with have my phone number and I interact with on other sites. I took a moment to see that the site wasn’t really adding anything to my life of value. I saw more people venting negativity than anything (maybe I should report them lol) I don’t see Facebook changing and getting better. It’s only becoming worse trying to act like “Big Brother”. So… Twitterland it is. Crowded cyberspace of people talking and posting just about anything…sigh…heaven. If you see me, say hi.

Don’t Allow the Media to Divide You

Our country and communities have been stricken with so much grief lately. Just scrolling through Facebook and Twitter you can tell that people are tired. You can tell that people are waking up. You can tell people want change. People are unfriending and blocking each other left and right. We see the flaw in the human condition; the need to control, the need to dominate, or the need to point blame. Besides, all these problems are caused by anyone else but our self. Right?


I see clever headlines meant to provoke, mostly done as “click bait” which sadly, I understand working in social media. Social media people know that they must get you to see or click on their article. There are two goals

1. to make you feel good about something (ie. puppies or inspirational stories) or

2. to anger you.

If you know “the game” you realize that people are doing their job. But in these times we need to take personal responsibility on what we say and how we are “influencing” those who actually listen to what we have to say.

For those that are social media influencers, who have large followings, subscribers, or friend’s list it’s your job to lead. It’s your job to be cognitive of what you reshare. Make sure that in this tumultuous time that you’re sharing an article from viable sources and not some fake article using click bait to sell advertising. Ask yourself, is what I’m sharing/tweeting promoting fear, hate or love? These may be subjective to some but everyone has a personal responsibility do use their voice in the right way and ignore those who strive to do the opposite. Your likes, or dislikes, comments (be it negative) boost the attention of posts. When you know how the machine works, you can use it to your favor.


New Myspace (get into it)

So Myspace launched their new version of their site last week and slowly but surely everybody is being integrated into the new system. I finally got a chance to see the site and it looks pretty cool. Very streamline. Unlike the previous upgrades, they have redone the entire site from the notes to forums making the whole website look more unified. And theres a slight more artistic design element which I, as an artist appreciate.

I know people are like “facebook is where its at!” and I have a facebook too but I had myspace first before it got popular.

Even though most people have jumped on the Facebook bandwagon, I’m gonna stay faithful to myspace. Why? Because it is useful to me. I can do tons of things there that facebook doesnt offer. Facebook to me, is social networking for dummies…its so easy your mother can do it… and well…she’s on there. Its simple and they dont really give you much lead way to add music and design to pages.

Myspace, although they have reformatted the way users design pages in their 3.0 version still hold true to allow artistic expression in whatever way that may be.

The negatives to new site… theres tons of glitches but thats to be expected in a beta version. So far people are still grumbling that they don’t like it yet they still log in everyday if yet to bitch and complain. Perhaps thats what Myspace is for now… for society to release and vent. Venting is a form of expression. We have so many friends that know us on Facebook we’ve almost become censored to what we should share because of what people might think. (well i dont give a fuck) but yet, even my mother has two cents about some of my posts there.

When it comes to Myspace… I REALLY dont give a fuck. Thats MY world… and I use it to my will. It’s my toy and I don’t have share. I simply go to entertain and be entertained. I love it. I’ve been with Myspace since the beginning, and look forward to see how it evolves.

If you’re there… add me